Thursday, March 23, 2023

Subaru Lost A Wheel On The Highway!

Main Subaru Lost A Wheel On The Highway!

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    In this video I help out a guy who just got tires put on at another shop. Shortly after that he was driving down the highway and the front wheel fell off! The damage …


    How many miles on that subaru outback??

    Electrics Nut

    Man the bolt gods were good to you on this repair! 🤣

    Shannon Flood

    I could not imagine dealing with the rust you have to work through.

    Professor Simon Holland

    Great job…nice guy Eric…keeping the customer on the road and not selling him non essential parts, warms my heart.

    Robert Luedeman

    You do get your share of corrosion. I had a Fairlane once that came from around Buffalo and it was rusted to the max.

    Big Dog50001 Automotive

    I hate it when your wheel passes you on the highway….


    Lord almighty, you boys and girls still have ice on the ground up there? … And I complained that it got down to 40 in Phoenix this winter lol!

    4B vEnOm

    All Subaru will be hella rusted under the car but clean from the outside…never trust buying them cause people dont take care of them


    this guy has every method for cleaning rusty gunky parts. kudos to the techs up north. no way I can put up with that everyday; I'd charge $9billion for every repair like this.
    btw please wear a basic dust mask because we would like you to keep making videos for the next 50years

    robert medina

    So if you get paid on how many views you get then I am going to watch all your video 5 times for real!!

    P Schmied

    He's lucky that the lugs were loose, not overtorqued until they broke.
    BTW, someone blew through a stop sign making a left turn at 9:39

    Jacob Haas

    Nice Flat rate master music on the test drive! Lol


    Hey eo we should get you a proper removable dash cam for your “shimmys

    Scottie Luther

    I would like to thank you u save me $800 in repair on 03 dodge durango exhaust flange kit

    David Desilets

    Whats the part # for the Astro ball joint puller Mr. O. Really like how well that worked and would love to add one to my collection.

    Jeff Thorstad

    My wheel didn't come off (just loose) and it shredded two studs. I replaced all 6. Also, I'm a lot more diligent about lugnut torque, now.

    garrett bonner

    I just have a question for you if you can help. I have a 2004.5 vin 2 duramax with a intermediate battery/abs/brake light any idea sir? The truck has 275,000 miles but is a southern truck so no rust.

    da teatorjr

    I do believe that I could drive around that town blindfolded.

    Joel Huhta

    When I turn my steering wheel all the way to the right there’s a terrible popping noise coming from my left front wheel. Any thoughts on what it could be?

    Martin Cooper

    my rear wheel came off at 30 mph, woops loose lugbolts, woopsm also painted my brake faces with caliper paint


    I put anti-seize on just about everything when I work on my cars and I thank myself profusely anytime I have to do it again. Recently had to take the ball joint back off my outback after ~2yrs to replace some bushings… pulled it out by hand. I was so happy.


    @South Main Auto Repair LLC 24:10 is that caliper grease? What's the brand? Thanks…


    I liked the fancy-schmancy camera angle changes from the tire mounter to the tire balancer….15:41 – "The Gentle Persuader"

    Al Key2018

    I wish more mechanics cared about a quality job and details like this guy seems to care.


    Another excellent video Dr.O. You did what the customer wanted, nothing more. Excellent.

    dave buchanan

    Who else wants to work with this guy cause he is awesome!!!

    Obie Sunstreak

    Rip your center diff. You cant just replace one wheel on a subaru, puts torsional stresses on the viscous coupler and fry

    Thermal Reboot

    So, the owner told you that you could sleep with the bosses wife if you stayed?

    Thermal Reboot

    Making someones wheel fall off their car is a mean April fools joke.

    Thomas kelabob

    Nice job Eric glad to see you wearing your safety glasses.

    YouTube Addict-18

    Yeah one of my uncles had an old ford f series with a manual transmission. The right front wheel went flying off on i94. My grandpa was like "well there's go something we need." If I remember right there wasn't much damage other then the roater. I remember it, cause it was rather comical and my uncle who is a mechanic knew exactly what happen. He put the wrong lugs on it.

    Jerry kegel

    wished I lived closer to you Business!

    Rýán Túçk

    Subaru lost a wheel and Joker fot away, HEY?

    Dan R

    Why didn't the customer take it back to the tire dealer?

    Jim Bassett

    Do you have any cousin's in Michigan?.

    David Berry

    I had that happen to me in an old Ferd van. Tire took off, UP hill for a good 100 yards! Fun times.

    Keith Bugden

    Eric. Consider a remote mic would you so these deaf ears can hear you. Good vids man


    i don't want to work on my car when it's got icicles.

    Patrick Miller

    The tool u used to pull the controll arm down is that home made

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