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Subaru Outback Repair Series: #1 Fixing The Leaking Exhaust Flange

Main Subaru Outback Repair Series: #1 Fixing The Leaking Exhaust Flange

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    In this video I am working on a 2014 Subaru Outback 2.5 that came in with the all to common rotted rear exhaust flange. You can fix it a few ways and one of …

    South Main Auto Repair LLC

    Astro Pneumatic Tool 78835 Exhaust Pipe Stretcher Kit:
    Link for looking up coupler pipes:
    Millermatic 211 MIG Welder:

    TEAC Fan

    Cuttin', hammerin', weldin', the classic SMA video!


    Did this on my nissian i had about 5 years ago but was clamped. Worked fine for the time i had it. Not sure anymore since i haven't had it in 4 years.

    Mike Brade

    I was wondering i thought you were to disconnect the battery when you weld on a vehicle

    Fix It 1975

    You know what else would make that repair last longer? Move to a warmer climate. Good job giving her the beans with the pipe expander. Funny story, my buddy and I had our other buddies kid brother out in his van looking for a duct stretcher (think metal air duct), years ago. Poor Jimmy was out there close to a half hour before we let him in on our little prank. Good thing we didn't ask for the metric adjustable too

    Eric S

    Is it safe to tack weld w/o eye protection?


    Did Subaru ever switch to stainless exhaust pipe like some of the newer vehicles


    It always amazes me at how versatile a general mechanic has to be, welding skills, mechanical, electrical etc. Surprisingly, the main area guys fail at are the business owner problems, which are a completely different skill set.


    ID is Inner Diameter


    He aint no body shop tech mama! Look at them paint'n skillz


    I like the series action MR O! KEEP EM COMING!!! When my 01 GMC Sierra needs all of the front end kibbles and bits replaced I will call up and make an appointment and then drive across country to SOUTH MAIN AUTO!!

    mike berry

    I use an exhaust joint sleeve that is slightly bigger than pipes available here in the UK , when you tighten it up it compresses onto the original pipe, like a scaffolding joint clamp , VW use something similar on lots of models, ,great batch of videos Eric , REGARDS MIKE

    Lawrence Jensen

    Wish I had those flange tools and a compressor I end up using angle grinder to cut it off and Muffler clamps usually I can get repair tube that will fit with OD in IDs pre stretched

    Simon Rawle

    i see a run in ya paint dude .(in eric o hippy voice )just kidding


    You have the welder set perfectly!!!


    Eric, why don’t you clean up the area before welding? I heard some other mechanic say that you should always clean the area before welding, especially the rust. Otherwise it’d rust through really quickly on the welds. I don’t know if it’s true though. Just wondering why you don’t grind away the rust and contamination before welding.

    Bob Pegram

    2.5 liter FB? Could it be an EJ instead?
    FBs were out in 2014, my 2013 Impreza has a 2 liter FB. The largest FB I've heard of is a 2.4 liter turbo, maybe in the Ascent. The WRX has a 2 liter turbo (FA or FB), the STI has a 2.5 liter EJ.

    Mike Baldridge

    Eric I always wondered what is the meaning behind the brake cleaner and the sound you add when you show it

    Michael Kenefick

    I cannot believe Jeep has not sent you a box of new hats! 365. A new one for each day of the year! =)

    SATAMAN Schmidt

    How can a 2014 Subaru look that rusted out!!! I understand the 1998 trucks you work on being shot but hell that's only two years older than my Hyundai and it's damn near perfect (of course it lives in Phoenix and not Avoca – could be the reason) but is Subaru's rust prevention that BAD!!!

    Chat Kat

    Another great job completed


    Jeez Eric I'm from Cali and I couldn't eimagine the exhaust rotting off on a 6 ish year vehicle. Those salt roads are the devil.

    Mr B

    Good job .
    I normally clamp the awkward side but that mainly as my welding sucks lol .
    Didn't look too rusty for a 6yr NY outbuck

    flat 6 3.0 is a favourite of mine, get some baby lambs oil sprayed underneath and in the rockers etc and they do good .

    Jack Winand

    How are you not blind? blocking arc with hat brim?


    I've hung pipe for years, I've worked for Car-x, Midas and Meineke since I started turning wrenches back in the 90's. I've done custom bending and repair. More recently I've started doing a lot of exhaust manifold repair and replacement. Now with that being said, I've seen recently an epidemic of cracked eco-tech manifolds. So my question is, have you seen this problem? I think that in less than a two year span I've done 10 of them.

    Rick Henry

    Love the vids. I learn a lot. I usually tack the muffler side & remove muffler to fully weld that side. Nice job.
    I HATE when my guys forget to paint patch pipe. Thanks again!

    Warren Zevon’s Angry Ghost

    instead of BBQ paint, you can shoot with Slip-Plate graphite spray. Goes on like paint and repels water. I use it on underbody ground connections that I'd like to keep clean..being graphite, it conducts fine, but works well on any surface you'd like to keep corrosion free.

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