Saturday, March 25, 2023

Surprising my Best Friend with Coilovers!

Main Surprising my Best Friend with Coilovers!

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    Check out Silver’s coilovers here! Thanks to Silver’s for helping me surprise my friend @likewiseluke with a set of coilovers for his …


    Whys everybody saying your bestfriend is this or i thought your best friend was this … illiminate is a whole group of bestfriends

    Near Media

    Title says Best Friend but you say Good friend in the video lol.


    570k let’s goooo

    Kevin Vu

    I own a challenger but I love your guys content .
    Vids are always nice to watch !

    C’z Locs 624 559

    You need to post more often


    When can we buy banners


    Role model🙏🏼 you guys are fucking dope!

    A bomb

    Some cheap coilovers big deal. He does everything for you, youd have no channel without him.

    Yung Kuto

    Luke is the kennybeats in illuminate


    Can you get the hoodies in small and medium I’m trying to buy some but can’t they don’t have my size


    you the goat man on god

    Feed The Nation

    Why are my coilovers making my front end bounce like crazy. Both long bounce at high speeds and bumping and bouncing on low speeds. Car wants to sway from side to side and bump steer.

    Arturo Gonzalez Jr.

    Bruh I’ll make out with this nigga randy get me some coil overs 😂 I mean I got some but they hella wack 😂 full homo


    I 💖 your vids

    Tasdiqo Jasni

    Yo…straight up love the good content and all the good times y’all had. Best underrated channel that brings good content

    Alejandro Rodriguez

    What’s that remix at the end called 🥺?


    When he was shitting 🤣🤣🤣🤣started crying instantly

    Audio Phoen

    The fact that you made him smile is what makes it all worth it bro. Salute….

    efchris Ayala

    You should told him to come get your cheeks 😂😂😂


    I really thought Luke wasn't gonna have to kiss Randy. Should've known gooder.


    Lmaooo Henry skated with the Pepsi

    Luis Khalifa

    First exclusive Kevin then Thomas now Luke? Randy youizahoe

    Javier Huerta

    I already know what the project is, i was at wekfest san jose and heard everything😂 but dont worry wont say anything, keep up the great work randy🔥

    Quincy Martin

    @randy big gay short santa….
    @luke.wise congrats man


    This was dope. So hard to get him it lol

    I Snipe

    Tony gets no type of love

    Bryan Acosta

    Is about love my g good looking to my white boi there


    Get kevins NSX

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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