Thursday, March 23, 2023

Surprising One of Our Best Friends With a BURNOUT CAR!!! (He Freaking RIPPED IT)

Main Surprising One of Our Best Friends With a BURNOUT CAR!!! (He Freaking RIPPED IT)

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    Had to hook our boy Chad up for his birthday! Had NO IDEA the kid could drive!!! Straw Hats RESTOCKED and Sweatshirts ADDED!

    Tremain Smith

    Fuel injection not build for 🔥 out's ford has no horse power loose booty

    James Hamilton

    whos sick wee zook is that in the start of the video?

    Jordan Eads

    Hell Yeah Brother 🤘🏼


    LMAO nice

    Bill Woolmer

    What a cool bunch of friends !!! You guys are awesome !!!!

    Dennis Alexander

    That’s got to be the best Bday present you just wanna destroy and have fun with and don’t care!!! It’s the gift that keeps on riding!

    Lee Morice

    You ake the fun away you silver spoon Pie*e of shi& FU.

    Daniel Rojas

    We to the channel, what kinda mustang is that? Base GT?

    Corey Cl

    Sweet man, what I would with no rear brakes, is add in a drift hydro system like I use to add in on stunt cars…..knows the perfect time.

    Scott Farris

    Welded Diff……that’s just labor. lol. Oh yeah, I forgot you need a welder.

    Gary Burbank88

    My Birthday is April 1st you can give me a burnout car


    Bring back the og bogger! Still gotta make it across the pond

    Aaron Ruffles

    Cleetus you are a freaking legend I love what you’re doing with the freedom factory I’m in the earth moving industry and at takes some big cahooners to do what you’re doing
    Go hard brother.

    Michael Russell

    That was one happy dude!

    Lucas Wiles

    Cool Runnings Shout out!! HAHAHA

    Gile the Car Guy

    Something is wrong with that Mustang. It didn't hop the curb and go for the crowd 🤔

    Jose Ceceñas

    Dang!! Those are some good units 😎👌 08:03


    With the sunset I couldn't help but think of Days of Thunder.
    "Push in the clutch and blow the sonofabitch, it's over Chad"

    Cnoevo Auto Adventures

    hell yeah cant wait to see what you do with this beast

    pigtrapper 1

    $11 a quart for gear oil? I almost paid that… but the guy at auto zone said we do price match… I paid $54 for a 5 gallon bucket of stp because that's what tractor supply sold their cheap stuff for. Also paid $25 for a compression tester that was marked $50 because that's what amazon sold them for. 2 weeks later… they no longer do price match. Lol

    pigtrapper 1

    Is there going to be a mud pit at the FF? I miss seeing the freedom bogger 3000

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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