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Swapping The Miata From a Getrag 260 to a ZF 5-Speed Transmission

Main Swapping The Miata From a Getrag 260 to a ZF 5-Speed Transmission

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    FAQ: The original reason I went with the KMiata Getrag 260 kit over the ZF kit was so I could keep the Miata differential, since the Getrag 5-Speed has wider …

    cole evernden

    Awesome video Greg, thanks for all your hard work. You have done so much for the Miata community, and the car community in general.

    Patrick Ukemi

    cadillac diff? Please do a video on that

    Braydon Coate

    when the windsheild gopro turned on and the bov squealed i came

    alan szymczak

    Great Miata videos, thanks Greg!

    Reality Lives

    Why not a zf 6 speed out of a e46 330?

    Michael Pangburn

    new 0-100, 100-200?

    Ohh Man

    why not get a twin disk clutch? is it over kill to do so?

    Tungsten Swim Team

    The 4 stages of Miata:
    1.Miatas are pretty cool.
    2.Miatas are pretty cool and can make some power.
    3.Miatas can make some power but it's a ton of work.
    4.Can this thing work for just one week?

    Budget Honda Builders

    Very nice, Great video as usual!! Whatever happened with your inspection ticket?

    Josh Compton

    Any chance the engine/tranny/diff mount bushings are causing the vibration? I believe I saw somewhere that if the bushings have different densities you can develop a weird harmonic/vibration. The bushing densities for all the drivetrain mounts should be the same?


    how far does the drive shaft stick out of the transmission? and if you want to see if the drive shaft is the vibration problem…get a hose clamp and put it around the drive shaft near the diff yoke. try it in the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions to see if the vibration minimizes or goes away…💪

    Turo Fonz

    710 likes and no dislikes. Dam Greg


    Y not 6spd ?


    best outro comment ever. cant wait for next vid great news dude so glad its finally fixed


    Nice I'm glad you get the vibrations fixed.

    Joshua Moore

    Congratulations on the vibration fix! I've been binge-watching the last dozen or so videos. Are you going to reveal to us what caused it or did you ever figure it out?


    woop woop! turn it up to 500 and take it to the drags

    Dale Abono

    "…line up tool EASILY slides in and out…" way more important than many give it credit for.

    calculated cruelty

    Zooming like a 12 year old on snap chat


    From your recent videos on the vibration issue I was very surprised to hear you say that you thought it was in the driveline, not the transmission. Now you swapped this in but taking it up to speed to see how bad it vibrated wasn’t the first thing you did. It is as if you didn’t want the transmission to be the cause.

    Glad to hear it is fixed though. You are an inspiration to a lot of guys who want to tinker with their cars.


    hey Greg, I forgot to Inform you I did a spectrum analysis on the audio from one of the vibration videos, and I found the vibration is the same frequency as the driveshaft. The only thing you hadn't touched was the diff, correct? I believe the vibration may have been caused by the diff pinion.


    why does the drive footage have reverb?

    Phil Jones

    Everything STOP ……. it's another CPC video!
    Great to hear that the vibration is sorted – whether by accident or design (?) – really pleased for you ¦:¬D

    paul white

    that vibration was enough to try out anyone

    Noah Fagerlund



    I wonder to maybe the diff mount to the subrframe is cracked or something letting the diff vibrare

    Ben Rogue

    "Goes from about 2 inches to just over 3 inches, and I measured from the top of the knob"


    i'm not going to rewatch previous video, but what if you replace PU diffmounts with rubber? Now I'm currious about the next video 🙂


    Maybe your driveshaft is not weighed in properly
    just like on wheels

    Ian M

    I see you also have the snap on dead blow although mine is oh-ronge. I didn't think I'd ever say this to another man but nice hammer.

    DAve Atkins

    Have you considered an inner cv joint causing your vibration

    Its commen on front wheel drive and turbo

    Kris Masmila

    Autocross next week ?!

    Jeff Minnion

    Husqvarna eh. You also a bike guy? I have a husky dirt bike as well as miata.


    That caddilac diff your planning on using likes to break in the gen 1 CTS-V .

    Jim XxX RoadRunner XxX Mcpherson

    28 clutches later…

    andre surles

    Good upgrade!

    M&R Tuning

    Sr20 and 180sx trans or cd009 problem solved

    Brandon duran

    Is that a go pro hero 3 😂
    That zf shifts great

    Evan Noriega-Thomas

    We are so close to 100k subs!

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