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Taking a closer look at one of the best F87 M2's in the USA – IND's Gelbgrün project

Main Taking a closer look at one of the best F87 M2's in the USA – IND's Gelbgrün project

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    Whilst visiting IND in Chicago we took a chance to take a closer look at their long term project car F87 M2 which started life as an Alpine White N55 M2 and is …

    Jason Adrian

    amazing car .. wish they fixed the fake rear vents though!

    A Hussain

    Points at tailgate/bootlid… says that's a m235i motorsport bonnet 🤣🤣🤣


    Looks like there’s a lot of gap at the fenders.

    Tamiko Muschette

    It looks a lot beefier than factory but love both the subtle n obvious touches


    Awesome content Imran. I like IND's stuff, and a lot of effort has gone into this M2. I prefer Starla though, as it strikes that balance between modified and subtle.

    Curt R.

    Oh man, no painted front reflectors IND? Lol, I kid; that color is just brilliant. I wish we had a bright green or dark blue option from the factory. A tanzanite blue or carbon black would be so nice.

    richard trow

    Nice M2 ! But for me yours is a better looking car 👍

    Nathan Gordon

    Imran i will be honest with you yours is way nicer i do not like the colour on that car as its to small on the f30 would look a beaut like yours on a m2 not for me but still a nice car keep up the hard work and again congratulations on the new unit

    neil benton

    the original m2 sounds so much nicer than the comp its smooth sounding !

    andy white

    M2 with a v10 would incorporate the best of all bmw and would cover both looks and sound job done


    Why didn't the guy just buy a GT3

    Steven Thompson

    Great content but I still prefer Starla mate. Cheers.

    Mac Daddy

    Appreciated thankyou Imran. Beautifull car. 👍


    It's nice. But the Evolve Starla is better. It just looks like a more well-rounded car.
    Not a fan of some of the excessive bits of this car like the side badges and kidneys in carbon or the height of the rear wing.

    John Crazy


    Dan Ked

    Man like Imran pushing proper weight in Chicago now, changing the game.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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