Thursday, March 23, 2023

TAKING A SAW to the Blazer… $5 DIY Exhaust Sounds EPIC!!!

Main TAKING A SAW to the Blazer… $5 DIY Exhaust Sounds EPIC!!!

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    for this bad mf’r and she sounds so damn good! 2018 GRAND SPORT GIVEAWAY LAUNCHES MARCH 2ND!!!


    8:13 just sayin the camera doesnt do it justice I have a bone stock 99 Yukon with the same 350 and when someone revs it while you stand next to the exhaust it sounds pretty good

    Tony Ray


    The DylanPlayer

    Its an SUV, chevy lies all the time, they could have called it a super car, that doesn't make it a super car

    mono m

    Do donuts in it

    Mail Moto

    Take a shot every time he says truck. Hahaha.

    Daniel Rivera

    Why would I want an expensive exhaust? Maybe I don’t but I sure as hell am not doing this 😂

    Camdan Rodrigues

    bro, this is a tahoe not a blazer

    hunter lindner

    Im use to daily driving a straight piped 1975 GMC truck😎

    hunter lindner

    My dad had a truck like that and it was so quiet i didn't realize I started it, so when i try starting it again a few mins later it made that lovely noise that makes u gringe lol.

    Terry Petruzzi

    That thing was quieter than my 2014 express van with a v8 and its fully stock


    Lol. A cherry bomb makes the truck sound bad? Sit down Mike you have done talked out of your ass majorly here.


    Sure is a lot of room for activities inside that car wash.


    Yeah its not a truck.

    Jacob Adam

    Or maybe its a SUV

    Blair Joseph Bernard

    Never see the factory Cadillac converter on them truck always gone by the time the next owner buys the truck lol


    Are you gonna do a CAI on it?

    steven beene

    Love this series

    Ethan Ganoung

    You are cool

    Matt Hubbard

    If it’s on a truck frame it’s a truck


    I'm 16 with a Jeep Chrokee xj and a 4.0 stright-six. Should I do this to my jeep??

    Fireblaze x

    This modification is not actually technically legal in Texas it will be considered an exhaust leak and you have do have a "muffler" most state inspectors (like myself) will look the other way tho, instead I recommend if possible just loosen the 2 bolts where your exhaust pipes meet (from your midpipe to your muffler pipe or your y pipe to your midpipe) and put a nut in between the 2 pipes on the studs then close them back up as you would normally thus leaving a gap about 1cm this will allow alot of sound through and will only cost at most $5 for the nuts and will only take up to 15 minutes, no power tools needed, can be done in a driveway, and can quickly be undone when inspection time rolls around

    KC Creations

    Man my Civic is going to sound so good after this! Lol

    Sean Harreld

    This kinda shit is dumb, you got a lifted truck and a mclaren and you make more content of a blazer. You thrash courtesy vehicles and call them yours. Maybe more car reviews instead of blazer praising

    Vinny Inesta

    Did this on my 97 c2500 silverado about a year ago. Sounds so mint👍

    Jonathan Wright

    that thing is a mini van

    Isaac Mathews

    You can hollow out the cats if you use a couple “non foulers” on the 1st in-line o2 sensors.

    camaro camaro ss

    Sounds like somebody dragging a metal garbage can across a gravel driveway…


    Mike and power tools. Reminds me of the part in step brothers when they were building the bunk beds and the dad hollers at them about “no power tools”. Huh, what, oh we’re about done”

    JT Money

    Please don’t do this to a v6

    David Gravlin

    If you want to get the hitch out I can help. I had one on my 1500. Cut it flush then put the blade in and cut one corner. Then take a hammer and cold chisel. Crowbar helps too. And your gonna wanna pry and fold the sides. Then when its loose take vise grips and wiggle it out

    Din Miftari



    bro you need a lint brush holy hell with the dog hair in very video am i the only one? lol love your videos though

    Rhett Odenweller

    Make it clappppp

    Random Stupid Stuff

    Sounds similar to my 2003 zr2 blazer

    Mexican penguin

    Mike how many times are you gonna say truck… god damn lol

    Bruce Johnson

    It is good to

    Kdog Motors

    Man how about this wind!! its crazy today

    Tyler Burton

    Now time for a Corvette servo for the 4L60e. Makes it shift so much quicker

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