Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tearing apart our 1937 Ford Coupe race car | Redline Update

Main Tearing apart our 1937 Ford Coupe race car | Redline Update

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    Robbie Cooley

    Exact same problem the s10s have with putting a headers on the 4.3s. Most people swap the stock s10 steering shaft for a Jeep steering shaft

    The Toolman

    Nice close to another great video. Thanks for the entertainment guys!

    Vaughan Stevenson

    This should be enjoyable to watch.


    "so..these heads are offset…" please tell me you're being factitious. It's a v engine Tom. Think about that for just a moment please. Ask Davin if it doesn't become clear.

    Steve Bulman

    Very nice………..Don't be so cocky Davin……… might not do so well in Tom's environment……………just saying 🙂

    Scott E

    With the broom!
    You missed a spot.

    Jeff Jankiewicz

    This is going to be a killer build. Davin and Tom together, outstanding!

    Chris Blore

    This is going to be fun👍👍

    jim carter

    Tim Flock and Herb Thomas
    would have wiped their ass
    With these guy's t-shirts

    s hfr

    Tom your not in those other vids so No i wont click.HaHa Great retort to Davins broom joke – "what ride away on your broom " Hahahaha. He was determined to sound in charge , funny Davin,your great but Tom has charisma in spades ( the elder statesman ) Great work both of you , about time the producers put you two together.

    ron browne

    i see a match race versus" vice grip garage"s new jalopy

    Michal Zdunek

    the best "two guys one car" for sure… keep'em going. great content as usual !

    David de Fortier

    These 2 guys together… And dont forget the very talented bloke behind the camera.. make for some brilliant content.. i just wish they would drop that qwerky news reader segment show.

    Pete Wood

    It would be good if possible to put it along side the one, that YT channel Vice Grip Garage has just acquired, that is of a similar era.

    Yellowdog Welding, Bill

    Now I'm going to have to be on the lookout for Tom as I live in the town this is being done in. Wonder if they mind drop ins or drive by's? Ha!

    John Lewis

    Will Tom be on more of these episodes. Loving the banter.

    Carl Malone

    Put a real engine in there. That boat anchor is lame.

    Mark Meadows

    These two hosts make this show possible. And them joining together is like a super group band performing a hit song.


    My desirable Ford?…. Detomasso Pantera deserves a mention

    David Sawyer

    6:35 …….ahhhh please correct me. My limited knowledge of v type engines. One bank is always further forward. Connecting rods and cylinders can not take up the same space in an opposing cylinder bank.

    Brian T

    The collaboration we’ve all been wanting! Love it.


    This looks a little like the car vice grip garage did a video of yesterday. Same style of race car

    Mario Peña

    Love this series!!!! Can't wait for the next one.

    adam christopher

    As a kid in the 1970’s, I started watching racing at Bowman Gray Stadium. I was hooked on modifieds from day one. While most of the cars were Pintos and Vegas ( with the occasional Gremlin ) there were still a few 30’s model bodied cars that made the field. Low tech cars running big blocks, with some salty drivers behind the wheel.

    Jeremy Baker

    Thank you Tom and Davin I love this. Jeremy Downunder

    A T

    But those tires look so good on that car…

    Teddy Smith

    Broke the window Didn’t you?

    Jonah Woodside

    This is one of the best videos ever!


    13 Prius owners stumbled onto this video, didn't like what they saw and gave it a thumbs down.

    Dean Ossiander

    great project .. is it done yet ?

    Gang Gang

    Tom you should do a video on your own personal car collection. That would be grand.


    “What r U still doing here?! Can’tcha see this video’s over?”😆

    Pete Smith

    Brand new hoist,brand new tools??? just sayin'


    Whatever it's worth, I enjoy the chemistry between the two. I would enjoy a regular show with the two.

    Just A Guy

    This is going to be a fun project!


    I hope my classic car insurance rates dont go up now ! haha

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