Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tesla Model 3 vs I-Pace vs e-tron vs …SUPRA?! – Electric vs Petrol DRAG & ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

Main Tesla Model 3 vs I-Pace vs e-tron vs …SUPRA?! – Electric vs Petrol DRAG & ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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    It’s an electric vs petrol showdown for our latest drag race! When it comes to popular electric cars in 2019, you’ll be hard pushed to find better contenders than …


    Whats that song that starts at 1:42?

    Generation Iron

    Thought supra takes 12sec you said a few weeks Ago..

    Think your drivers sucks

    Piske San

    you've won 700.000 more subscribers in just 2 days according to the video!! Congrats!!! xDDDDD (yehh i know…you know…..)

    TheKing Initiate

    Matt, can i suggest that you can have a drone record the aerial video!!!! and play it in slow-mo

    The Inappropriate Gentleman

    Top notch launch from the Toyota lol

    Martin Sassenberg

    Race Start: 1:42

    Matthew Morgan

    I still have a hard time understanding Tesla haters… they are something else


    637 salty dumbass Audi fanboys have disliked this video.

    vathila herath

    Hey bring a real supra.

    The Royalist

    Supra is the best of y'all.


    Lol the Fraudi is slow


    I'm here for the model 3 Tesla

    mirslav miki

    Wow wow wow ok

    Inca Shannon

    Do a Review on The Subaru Ascent!!!!!! We Might Buy one from CarWow!

    Nathan stjohn

    Tesla all day long!

    Punit M

    So ONE of the cars is the cheapest has best MPGe and has the best braking and is the fastest and has 5 seat belts. Why the F do I still want a supra?


    Unlikely Supra would ever catch Model 3, given the Supra's 7 mph lower top speed

    Aaron Randolph Chen

    How does Tesla manage to produce an EV (a really good one at that) weighing so much less than Audi and Jaguar. Why are the mainstream manufacturers unable to get around the weight problem? As always, weight is the enemy of performance ……. and in the case of EV's probably also an enemy of range. Seems like the only thing going for the Audi is its good looks, really.


    Please! Put the auto in the proper gear for roll racing! Waste of time otherwise, and anyone who knows what they're doing would have it in the proper gear. Not an accurate representation otherwise.

    Max JF

    If everyone drag races the same electric car, they’ll always tie. In gas cars, it’s about the skill and experience of the tuner, and not necessarily pay to win

    Hamdan Ali

    when the hell are you gonna start to use start lights because NONE of your useless drivers know how to launch with a human starter.

    Lily Pham

    my big question is whether launch control was used for the Supra


    Who cares about the Tesla when it looks like it hit every branch when it fell from the ugly tree. Good to see Tesla going down soon.

    Benjamin Lefebvre

    haha the sad face: "a definite win… for the Tesla."



    Tom Karren

    Audi give up now…

    Easy Come Easy Go

    Matt, you left me no choice, I'm going to have to say I'll take the BMW… sorry the Supra.

    ISAIAH Johnson

    yup im getting a tesla when i grow up well if there still fast enough


    The tesla is a superb car, but the look drives me away. So I will be getting a BMW i8 instead.

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