Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tesla vs Racecar Cross Country Roadtrip – Episode 3

Main Tesla vs Racecar Cross Country Roadtrip – Episode 3

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    The finale! Immense thanks to Rich and Bartek for allowing us to use their cars on this crazy trip. Special thanks to our sponsor, Advance Auto Parts, for making …

    Gears and Gasoline

    Hope you guys enjoyed this whole series! Get ready for lots of build and Civic/Evo track videos coming soon. AND! Visit Advance Auto's website with the link in the description and order parts with our discount code to show support for us and our sponsor! Thanks so much for letting us do this stuff guys.

    Danial sann

    30:48 yo ben listening to tyler??

    Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    Why is he wearing a helmet in the car?

    Yo Bro910

    Really good road trip , I really enjoy my time watching , but it have the down side to it , which Ben Lin look so suffer in the Evo, i be more happy if u guys can enjoy the roadtrip more comfortable


    Thorn so full of excuses losing lmao. Nice Race~

    Jack Ammo Man

    Rich Rebuilds. I should have known

    Easily Trained

    Supercar and Luxury car(more expensive) next?

    없습니다다른 방법은

    replace the racecar with the normal car
    it should be fine lol.

    Jeff Hall II

    Great video, but the bumper licking 🤮 WTF

    Ian Shives

    Best editing and camera work. You all deserve more subs! Always a pleasing watch

    Esa Edvik

    Dope series again! Cheers!

    Basty Viado

    I always wanted to do a roadtrip but i dont have a father can i go with you


    "E… as in… Éclair"


    Next road trip
    Van and truck or wagon? XD
    Would be cool

    Dan Haddix

    Wrong Tesla for that drag race


    I love how many drag races you did 🙂

    Carter Marshall

    Wining is winning don't be sad suck it up Evo won fair and square even on 91 octane 💯 you think your butt hurt's after that lost lol 🤣 wait till you drive the Evo for a long period of time


    Were way off 118 LMFAO


    The cinematics on this video is amazing.


    I love the facet that there is 3 episodes of the this trip video ! So cool to get to se the way home trip .

    J D

    So basically new teslas are almost the perfect car, given more range and faster charging (interesting overheating issues though… hopefully thats fixed by now)

    P Geleta

    damn this camera quality so good i thought that bug was on my t.v screen lmao 29:59 legit got up to kill it with a Kleenex and nothing happend LMFAOO


    Why does this video hit me in the feels?

    Ross Burrow

    Well done guys, another entertaining roadtrip series, the best one yet.
    Same again next week? 😁

    Second Systems

    Looking forward to the next roadtrip series. These have made me wanting weekends so bad. Thanks! As always, top notch editing. Drone shots are immaculate. Camera work is awesome. This feels like those Top Gear special series.

    Rio Walsh426

    I hate the fact that everything is going electric 😭

    The Conclave

    Please release some wallpapers from the Salt lake, the shots look epic!


    Can he legally use his phone like that while driving?!

    Faizan Khalid

    dude's really in relief check his hand @29:39 while closing the door

    Zahin J.

    great time in the evo face

    troy branch

    Get a camel back backpack that's basically the bladder with some material over it and fill it with ice and some water. Wear it and you'll stay cool.

    Dream Online

    LMAO! I love how he has been extra careful to show him driving on street roads across the country but when you put him on the salt flats at 100+ mph it's completely gone. LOL

    William Hickey

    would love to see another trip through Canada and actually getting the the way to anchorage or even further north in the world than that

    Gonçalo Lourenço

    Tall Ben is a Tyler fan confirmed?

    Ross Burrow

    Just started, opening shots are 12/10
    Makes me want to go to Oregon, im not from the US, but ive not heard many people say that…

    Fai rus

    Super car road trip next year!

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