Monday, March 27, 2023

Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless

Main Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless

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    Here’s Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn’t matter. Subscribe for new videos …


    Well done once again Sir. Maybe you will motivate them to make some realistic comparisons.


    Came for the explanation left because of the math …speak English maybe?

    mohsin ali khan

    I fear for your safety man, Tesla might sue you. Great video tho

    Dennis Nash

    You can get someone that can Contradict everything that he saying

    vincentius wiratman

    You asssume both have (hillclimb) same acceleration so tesla have more force


    I said this when I watched the video on Twitter. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

    Emily Simpson

    This truck was designed to drive On Mars

    Dennis Nash

    This Man is A Ford truck owner and a Guesstimater


    Theory on the styling of the CyberTruck:
    The panels are supposedly made of the same stainless steel as a spacex rocket. And we saw how tough they are with the sledgehammer demo. I assume this metal would not be easy to press, unlike conventional automotive steels. So working it into a form of a conventional truck would be extraordinarily expensive. To keep the truck affordable they designed it to be made out of geometric easy to form shapes.

    I’m the captain now

    itll sell simply because its cheaper to own and overall better than ice will ever be. Time to step down old man ice crap.

    Andreas Bill

    So if I want to pull something heavy, that F150 is better than that Tesla?

    Francois Brice

    The cybertruck show from Tesla was so childish that my 12 years old son did not believe it!


    Uhhhhhhh ok


    Can you analyze Tesla's stainless monocoque body vs the conventional frame-on-body structure???

    Sean McCloud

    Summary of this video:
    Going through maths to explain why cybertruck pulled Ford. Conclusion? Cybertruck ugly


    An average pickup can pull a commercial tractor without a trailer hitched backwards.

    It's meaningless and applies to nothing in the real world.

    Put weight back over the drive tires on that tractor and it will pull just about anything just as far as you need it to go.

    nate k

    Wow, first video I have seen from this channel and I am blown away by the videos. Thank you.


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    5:23 super shade


    Where the rear mirrors at??

    Aseel Creeper

    Tf is a tourque


    The Cybertruck is just the EV version of a Hummer

    Hazuki Kimura

    It wasn't pointless. People saw how impressive it was and want to buy it.

    Dave s

    So Tesla cheated, fudged it. Surprise, surprise.

    Dale Stafford

    Physics are physics, one truck pulled the other and had a clear advantage, that was the whole point.

    DukeNukem GBUSA

    Ugly,got nothing on my F-250

    Allen Klingsporn

    It wasn't pointless. It was clearly a stunt intended to mislead some people that have no idea of the physics behind it and create online controversy among those people that do understand.

    gaming is fun

    Say anything but Cyber truck pulled that truck

    Midnight Mechanic

    A biofueled hydrogen Diesel hybrid as simply an optional package for the F-150 would be leaps and bounds better for the environment than buying Elon's weed dream. The Cyber is already overweight, so it's going to hit its GVWR well before the F-150 will. More weight means more strain on the electric engines, and most likely a larger cooling system needed, which is even more weight. The Cyber is engineering idiocy. Collin Chapman and Bruce McLaren have already engineered circles around Elon. Elon mocks and insults the notion of sustainability as a meme that he can write empty checks with.

    Sajjad Mudaser

    who cares, it was pretty cool to see a truck tug of war

    Alpha Breaker

    Lbs….. pounds…….

    Visible Confusion

    Nickey is Bored

    I swear im still looking for doc brown with this truck….but also maybe the wraith?!

    ຮັກຫນິວ ขอบใจเด้อ


    S L

    Man a lotta dumbass comments in here. Can tell this got to trending…

    J Vill

    Yups that's pointless. Thank u

    Oyster Apple

    3026 lbs of fake news

    Arnie Kando

    So after all your explanation you explained that the Tesla Truck pulled the F1…… this video was pointless……..

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