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Test Fitting My New Engine & Transmission! S10 Restomod Ep.5

Main Test Fitting My New Engine & Transmission! S10 Restomod Ep.5

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    A huge thanks to O’Reilly Auto Parts for the support! If you find your vehicle is in desperate need of new brakes, O’Reilly is offering a promotion on a set of …

    Joseph Linz

    Another wonderful video Kyle! Question outside of the S-10 series, do you still have the shevelle? And what is the plans for that. Thanks for the answer in advance

    Adam Muhammad Nadzir

    You gotta remove that mustache and beard off your face, Kyle.


    Again with the computer screen saver! Makes me laugh every time I see it lmao


    RIP 4.3L V6, HELLO 350 V8

    matt cowan

    I have v8ed around 20 s10’s. I’m not claiming to be s10 jeebus with that but I’ve learned a few things from it.
    I just want to offer advice.
    These are the things I do when installing a v8.
    Setting the engine back as far as possible is the best way I’ve found to get stuff to fit.
    You will need to flatten the firewall pinch weld it will hit the top of the bell housing. You will also need to massage the passenger floor pan at the header collector to get decent clearance.
    It sounds weird but sometimes I have to shorten the driveshaft 1” sometimes I don’t.
    Use a pertonix or similar small cap electronic distributor and separate coil. It clears the heater wiring and grommet better. I use all of the factory 4.3 accessory drive minus clutch fan with no clearance issues.
    If you’re running a mild engine ie: std bore and mild cam. The 4 row 4.3 s10 radiator is sufficient for cooling. I use sphal fans behind the grill with no issues.
    With a built engine I use the rad and fans your using. I modify the core support so they’re inside it.
    The Jeep XJ steering shaft is a good upgrade and it clears the header tubes at the column connection better.
    The zq8 or extreme steering box is a great swap as it is a quicker ratio box. Also a direct bolt on.


    s10kyle04… lol, for real I enjoy these videos. You've come a long way with the content man, super impressive, been watching your channel since the dealership startup days. Cheers!

    Mansbach Motors

    I believe the transmission difference is true. I have a 700r4 behind my TBI 350 in my blazer and mind you it’s stock with the exception of headers and exhaust and I haven’t hotrod it or let alone even been burning the tires and it’s already starting to slip but it could also just be wore out already. I’m going 4.8 with the truck this year anyways and I may do an 80e while I’m at it for the extra protection and 4 speed

    Mike Rossum

    Says Hooker on the EVAP cover. Are they owned by Holley?

    Adam Pierce

    Sure can't wait to see it all finished buddy

    JD 210

    Loving the content brother!! I’m a lifelong wrench guy down here in Charlotte. The challenges for us are the same. Generally not enough hands, ever. Two hands is never enough. It’s the scourge of the Car-Culture Existence. We do overcome only having two hands though. We find ways to get it done and make it happen. Your Car Reviews and Projects give you the advantage of variety and that’s not very usual at all. If you’re ever at a car event in the Charlotte area definitely give us down here a shout. It would be a treat.


    Hey Kyle, Who did the steering wheel restoration for your Jimmy? (I asked on your final ‘reveal’ video but it was a couple weeks after you had uploaded it.) Also subscribed. I hope you see the question here. Thanks!

    Colin Stuart

    What if you welded those nuts in, so in the future you could easily unbolt without having to remove all the suspension?


    Watched, liked, and commented so Kyle gets the monies.

    Joe Alex

    I don't know how this series don't get more views, i really like the way you explain things, but i guess that not everyone is into an old S10, but i really love it! Keep up the good work man, can't wait to see it running!

    Stan Chase

    @ Saabkyle04 why didn't you go LS with a carb set up rather than an old school 350? I've seen many "old school S-10 350 swaps and not so many "LS" swapped S-10s. Seems like dollar for dollar, hp for CI, reliability ect. A modern LS setup would seems to be the better choice. Just curious and thanks and I look forward to the next video! Stan from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    Eric Gramly

    Modify the fire wall now even if you think you don't need to. We swapped a 350 in a truck like yours years ago. We didn't think we need to until we started driving it.


    Nice channel, where's your Genesis coupe


    Just get a electric water pump and controller unit I'm sure they do them for v8 SB and BB


    I have that steering shaft! Love it! Although now I need to replace my worn out steering box for a ZQ8 box.

    I'd do an aluminum core support. There was a guy who made them on Hardcore S10 awhile back.

    Jake 1024

    I've done this swap many times, if you're going to use the serpentine belt setup then you'll need to use a water pump for that setup since it turns the opposite direction from the v belt one. You'll need to move the engine back a little more, and to do that you'll need to "massage" the lip of the trans tunnel with a sledge hammer and roll the pinch weld over. All of that will give you room at the front for accessories. Fan options are use one for an 80s vw scirocco, that is a very thin fan and moves a ton of air, and fits your radiator, or run a flex fan bolted to the water pump with a spacer, you'll need to " customize" your spacer length so the fan clears the belt but also is about 1/4 inch from the radiator, and make your own shroud, or there are pusher fans I've used in front of the core support that fit in the rectangular areas on either side of the middle vertical beam. I don't remember the application or where I got them from right off of the top of my head, but I think they're flex a lite, you'll have to do your own research on that. You'll also need to make your own radiator top mounts so that the top of the radiator tips forward almost against the ac condenser. Other than that you're using the headers and the mounts I've always ever used. Hedman makes a nice header for this too, and also stock 3rd gen Camaro exhaust manifolds fit great as well. It's been awhile, but if memory serves the driver's side one needs to be milled a little bit to clear the steering shaft. I've also successfully retained the stock tbi and esc setup, you need an eprom from something with a v8, I used one from a 89 van. You'll need a v8 distributor with an 8 point pickup coil instead of the 4.3's 6 point coil, and I used the intake manifold off of the van, vortec heads, and a throttle body for a tbi 454. The truck I did that too had a 76 400 small block short block with a 280h comp cam in it, it was a sweetie.

    Joshua Hodgeson

    everytime I watch these videos I'm so amazed at how far you've come on here, never thought the "let her run" guy would be doing mechanical/repair work👍😂

    john smith

    nice work you can also use the water pump from your 4.3 v6 motor….

    butch c

    Love the videos but what's up with the swaying keep the videos coming but no swaying please thanks

    Donald Long



    Great video as always Kyle. Also subtle plug but I’m trying to get my channel started….new vlog is LIVE now! Would appreciate some feedback from anyone and a sub if you feel so inclined!

    Andrew King

    You will regret removing that steering shaft for that other one.

    Yelsew Painter

    Custom cars custom problem is by far the lamest quote ever😂

    Wilson Andrade


    shake shack man.

    Or can you video the 2020 Hyundai palasade or the 2020 kia soul someday please I mean do a car review.

    shake shack man.

    Also can you do a car review on a 1999 Chevy lumina LS one day please. and the 2020 kia telluride one day please. And the 2010 toyota Tacoma please.

    shake shack man.

    Can you do another cold start someday please.

    Stephen D

    What ever happened the the quad cab?

    James Hall

    you squeezed 10 lbs of crap in a five pound sack. try looking into front mount cooling fans. that would give you a few inches and as every guy knows, every inch counts

    Daniel Chronicles

    I really like your videos Kyle, very professional!

    Jax Rhapsody

    A/C is for the weak, bro. That engine does look like a tight fit. Especially up on the radiator. You might be able to get a low profile pump or electric water pump and an underdrive kit. As far as the brakelines, if you can't figure out a solution, you should be able to do a hydroboost conversion or just eliminate the ABS.

    Jon Allen

    I have a abc 355 bolted up to a 700r4 transmission that was out of a Astro van that had a 4.3 v6 and it works just fine, they have been together for almost 20 years

    Dragon Slayer

    Good job kyle u doing fantastic!! Keep up the great work pal!

    Michael Sackstein

    Kyle, you should really talk to EricTheCarGuy about this build since he recently did a very similar build on his dad’s Chevy truck. He would likely be able to give you some useful advice along the way.


    lol dude why don't you use some protection? like protective glasses? xD

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