Monday, March 20, 2023

Testing new Bilstein B6 EDC adjustable dampers on our BMW F80 M3

Main Testing new Bilstein B6 EDC adjustable dampers on our BMW F80 M3

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    We’ve worked closely with Bilstein for years and have been eagerly awaiting their EDC compatible dampers for the F8x platform, so when a set of B6 EDC …


    Interesting Video Imran, do you feel with changing the damper on my standard M4 would make a big difference.
    Also would you say even though changing the dampers , suspension etc make a difference would tyres come in to it ??

    tariq mohammed

    whats the cost for this set up


    Imran, do you think the oem brakes are good enough for track work? Great vid, love the technical aspect to your vids. Btw bring some more z4m products out!!

    IK4NDY M3

    Do they run off the stock dampening settings or is it changed to what bilstein thinks works with these shocks better?

    Ryan Angkasa

    I thought this is the M3 that recently dragrace with M5 in Carwow

    John McIntyre

    What is the crank hub issue you referred to in this video please?

    Nawaz Waseem

    Smooth BMW lol.. Look at him bouncing around even after the modification.

    P A

    We got something in common mate I got the best Cosworth and you got the best M3 LOL

    P A

    That's the best m3 in the world !!! You need to design the next m3 imran your the man mate πŸ‘

    Driving For Charity

    Love to join you on any track day and we can match it against my stock F80 Competition pack 😁

    Marcus Lim

    How much heavier are the B6 dampers compared to the aluminium OEM dampers?

    S Kane

    5:02 why not coilovers?


    Your videos are great with very good and interesting info! Keep them coming πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’™πŸ€˜πŸ»

    Chukz C

    Great video Evolve Automotive. They honestly bring joy to my day πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ haha


    Loved watching the rear beat belt G force meter showing the cornering speed Keep up the great vids.!


    Nice job! Just some advice from my days working in chassis testing, I would recommend not tightening any suspension joint until the weight of the car is on its wheels otherwise you will pre load the bushes which will create excess noise/vibration and harshen the ride. Also it could cause premature wear on the bushes. ws.

    Mr Crunch and the serial killers

    I see this channel smashing through 100k+ by December easy (only if u have the time)…your videos are so informative bro… you’re not like the other youtubers click baiting and waffling for about 10minutes about something that has nothing to do with the video…straight to the point…quality content…i wanna see more appearances from rick LLF, MSL (i wanna see the tuning M/// vs AMG rivalry😭πŸ’ͺ), joe (the m lite guy lol) bla bla bla many more names…keep the good content coming!


    it was a way overdue mod for this car, congrats on being the pioneer once more !
    Question: Should you make or not a new alignment, after you install new shocks ?

    Andy McK

    H&R springs give a good height, arch gap is even front and back with my f30 320i non msport with 45mm springs, i believe the 30-35mm springs on the msport give the same height so m3 probably the same, theyre a comfortable spring my dad hates when i lower cars but actually thought the car drove better than standard(it used to feel very boaty)


    I saw your race with car wow. Why didn’t you take the F90 M5?!!! 😭😭😭 Show them what you’re truly capable of! And I want to see the difference between the standard F90 and the competition. Make it happen! πŸ™

    steve hadji

    Need to stop watching your videos, making me want to trade in my rs3 for a m3


    Going up and up now joining forces with car wow. Just seen the m3 vid next try m5

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