Saturday, March 25, 2023

Testing The Mr2's Clutchless Shifting On The Street!

Main Testing The Mr2's Clutchless Shifting On The Street!

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    Big up Matt peace out man .oh ya rounds shots fired ..

    Ben Lee

    I keep a tea kettle at home, my work van, and at work. I'm a tea junkie.
    I'll celebrate my 45 with Brent!

    michael lippard

    That was the best way to end his stay

    Robeeto Mayorga

    I like the intro in the end It sounds like classic Gran Turismo game That's a nice touch.😏🏁🇺🇸

    William Kelly

    So awesome get got to shoot some guns!!! MERICA!!!

    J Series Simeon

    That crx sounds so good.

    Daniel Song

    Clutchless? You mean sequential gearbox

    James Henderson

    Stop leak…..plan on changing the entire cooling system. Yes even the heater core. So abrassive on the water pump as well.


    Nice spending time with this dude

    Micah Hill

    Every time I rapid fire I get a guy telling me to stop but these guys do it the guy like Hell yeah brother

    Craig Mitchell

    That video just shows the diversification that car enthusiasts have. Doesn't matter where you are from or whatever we are all equally deranged..😅😂😁😀😃

    Michael Seal

    Hey Kyle you should have sat in the car when they aligned it

    Jesse Gray

    Hahaha those English accents sound very South African from here

    Brady Gamble

    Guns and cars what more could you ask for….. Merica….

    caesar sandoval

    Who doesnt Carry their ID everywhere they go??. 🤔

    andy bowyer

    Ranch? Isn't that where you keep cattle!!!! AHAHA us British keep it clean! Big up the boosted boys!

    Brian Stanton

    Come on Kyle… Don't say assault rifle you know those don't exist. but you should definitely do more gun content on your channel as well I'd love to watch that! You'll probably be demonetized for this video if you're shooting in it though.

    Curt VanWinter

    Car trip from UK to somewhere in Europe you guys can go shoot! Ship all the mr2s

    Don Francis

    Matt … come up to the midlands dude we got firing ranges aha

    driftking 151
    Taylor Ray

    You guys should try doing a shooting match. So much fun, timed, steel targets. Super satisfying hitting them. More practical than trying to group in a range and a lot more fun.

    Floopy Doopey

    Alot less freedom in the UK 🙁
    When I have a trip to America im going to do the same as Matt


    My wife hates ranch dressing! Ketch up is chock full of Corn syrup. Bad for you cause it makes you fat!

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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