Saturday, March 25, 2023

Testing the new prototype STAGE 3 INTAKE for the RS3 at VMAX

Main Testing the new prototype STAGE 3 INTAKE for the RS3 at VMAX

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    We can finally unveil what Eventuri have been working on these past few, their new Stage 3 4″ Intake System for the RS3/TTRS 8V! We took the car to VMAX to …

    Fowaz Ash

    U guys look Gujrati? Am i correct?

    Mathias Lajmiri


    marvin thomas

    Where's imran?

    Open Ranks

    IROZ Motors and Malaka Motorsport got the RS3 build on lock….you guys should pick another vehicle 😂

    Tony Ross

    Nice but Bmw will always be the best lol.


    this was very interesting.great video


    Really looking forward to seeing the future projects on the RS3, the stage 3 air filter upgrade is a monster. Good to know that you are open to others consumers feedback regarding upgrades. Big shout to the Evolve crew!


    Who did the tcu tune? I love that limiter bash in first to second


    Love the videos Evolve got going, keep it up!

    MJ W

    Shame these guys don't bother to talk about the affect an intake can have on low end torque due to MAF scaling etc. All they are doing is increasing air flow by removing intake restrictions, their previous video on the rollers showed the low end torque was loads worse than stock. Taking the route they have here they could simply remove the intake completely and get the result they want. Fancy looking massive filters and pipes don't mean anything if you mess up the low end torque and drivability !. These intakes are a bit about looking nice and headline numbers rather than true intake design and what they can offer. Take a look at mountune for example, they are known for engine builds and race engineering and they don't change intakes, they change cross over pipes or just filters etc, they don't mess with the already optimised intake design.


    Cant wait for the next update,top work guys 😎


    Again the perfect verdict you guys so strong hope to see 190 at speedo


    Is this compatible with 2019s


    Nice to give Imran the day off lol Good video this, cant wait to see when the Vtec kicks in yo!


    Let it eat! Love the methodical upgrades in stages. As scientific as possible and it’s appreciated. Well done and thx.

    Jacob Walton PB

    What's up with the inconsistent launch revs?

    Philip Powell

    I can't wait to see how this thing works! I've got the V2 being ceramic coated and antistatic coated (all Carbon exterior surfaces) and will be installed with new APR downpipes and Unitronic turbo inlet. This will be followed up with Stage 2 ECU flash running 93 octane. Super excited!

    Agan Beqiri

    Where is M5 :/

    Joseph Henry

    Nice video as usual I just posted the first episode of my 1993 jdm mazda autozam az3 drag build (sold as mx3 outside of japan) please check it out and give me some fees back I look forward to seeing more content from your channel.

    James T

    Why does the S3 change up at 6800? I thought the i5 topped at 7200?

    James T

    Good job. That’s one pretty engine bay.

    When are you going to do a Tesla intake and exhaust?

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