Monday, March 27, 2023

Thanks For Helping Me Hit 100K Subscribers!

Main Thanks For Helping Me Hit 100K Subscribers!

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    Hi all, for those who have subscribed to my YouTube channel, thanks for pushing me over the 100000 level! And of course a shout out to those who helped me …

    Lance Guilin

    Hi Tom! Congrats on making it to the 100k club! From a loyal subscriber.

    Ines De La Hoya

    Congratulation, Mr. Tom! This is much long overdue.

    james ferrer

    Well awright then…you've earned it brotha.

    Ton van den Broek

    You're welcome Tom. I'm glad to have contributed 0.001% to your success. Thanks for the pleasant 10-15 minutes you give me once, twice a week.

    Craig Smith

    Congrats. Let’s go everyone. Send all your car geek friends a link to any of Tom;s video’s and he’ll have another 100k before we know it.

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    Congrats on 100k!! You deserve all of the success!

    Clarence Taylor

    Seattle’s Best!

    Josh Fredr

    between you, me and the 100k subs – you should have at least 5 times as many subs . your vidoes are both fun to watch, educational and of high quality. I wish you all the best.


    You get TP, You get TP, Everyone gets TP!!!

    Bruno Santos

    Congrats Tom! I'm your follower from Brazil. Really love those American vehicles and your reviews are excellent!

    paul tan

    And you deserve another 100K and I am sure that will happen too !

    Andrew McGinnis

    Congrats!! Should have happened a long time ago. You have the best car review page. I really enjoy watching your videos.

    mike wellington

    Tom, you are easily one of my favorite auto reviewers. The time you put into your content does not go unnoticed.

    Ace MacGruber

    You didn't thank your twin brother for testing the back seat.

    David Wolf

    Congrats, Tom. That milestone along with $5.00 will get you a decent vente drink at your local Starbucks. Just sayin'… just kidding!

    Dan Hall

    You didn't thank evil twin. But then again… He is evil.

    Jason Thach

    I subscribed to you when you did the 2017 Corolla.

    William Mackay

    100k, but with your precision and quality, you should have ten times that! Hope to keep watching this channel grow, I always look forward to the next video!

    Jake Kennedy

    Congrats! 🎉 Remember, if you ever have any issues with doing car reviews, just be a Kieth Morrison impersonator!

    Charlie Montero

    Congratulations Tom you deserve it you are doing a awesome job excellent reviews 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



    Eric Yeutter

    Congratulations Tom! Been following you and watching your videos for a few years now. Your car review videos are great!

    Cecil L

    You’re welcome Tom!!!! But we’re not there yet. 900,000 more to go. We need to right this wrong!!!

    Art by Atlas

    Congrats, Tom! Your channel is definitely one of the top 5 Car Review channels on Youtube, in my humble opinion. Keep up the great work 😀


    Great job Tom. And thank you for NOT turning your reviews into 20+ minute technical jargon and stats that very few people care about. (Many of the other you tube auto reviewers I follow have done just that). You deserve many more than 100k, and you will get there!

    Mike Y

    And here’s to the next 100k, 1mil and beyond! There isn’t a video that you put out that doesn’t show how much work and passion you put into it. Proud to subscribe to this channel.

    S1lver Dr3gon

    Well deserved always high quality and very honest review

    Edysin Simon

    Your welcome! I know it was my own vote that put you over the top! What can I say…I'm a pleaser…

    Edd Starr

    Congratulations Tom! Been a long time coming and you've earned this milestone. Thank you for your excellent YouTube Channel.

    Keith Ginyard

    Love your reviews, you deserve it.

    Michael Silbert

    Mazal Tov to my favorite internet car journalist!


    congrats! you guys are one of the best in the industry, been watching your videos since the early days of DCR


    Congrats! Let's put another zero at the end!

    Rory McLoughlin

    Well done Tom and well deserved

    Mourinho M

    Congrats Tom! How is your twin brother taking the news? 🤔 😆

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