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The 1989 Cadillac Brougham Is the Best Cadillac From 30 Years Ago

Main The 1989 Cadillac Brougham Is the Best Cadillac From 30 Years Ago

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The 1989 Cadillac Brougham d’Elegance was Cadillac’s flagship luxury model from 30 years ago.

    Doug DeMuro

    Brom? Broam? Brog-ham? BRO-HAM? I look forward to you people arguing it out while I relax in two t-shirts.

    J PR

    My dad had a similarly equipped Olds 98 Regency Sedan…. it was custom ordered in his favorite black with red interior – plush and grandiose

    Suzanne de Nimes

    My dad drove Cadillacs circa 1975-1990, so I'm intimately familiar with all these quirks and features. He had one of the last old school El Dorado convertibles from about this year, which would also be fun to cover.

    I still like the styling on these things despite myself. Much classier than the Lincolns of the same time period.

    DJ GaFFLe

    It honestly pains me to watch such a relic of a car. American autos were so cringe-worthy back then…


    Please review more old land yachts! Like old Lincolns, Cadillacs and such


    Doug the type of guy who watches his girlfriend get gang banged while he jerks off in the corner watching

    Steve Bollmeyer

    My friend's father owned one of these. We would all pitch in gas money and go cruising.

    Mutt Boyy

    Cadillac CTS-V next ???

    Arch Stanton

    Americans know nothing about style. This thing is hideous.


    02:53 isn't something missing

    Steve Bollmeyer

    The hood ornament is like that so they wouldn't get broken in the carwash.


    I feel old cars need their own dougscore or for tech it should be "tech at the time"

    M S

    At least it doesn't have a center console phone

    Erik Sørensen

    ‘Nobody was really getting a lot of horsepower out of V8’s back then’. Didn’t the F40 from the same era make 475?

    Mark Summerford

    Can’t believe Doug didn’t point out the FOUR ashtrays in this dinosaur! My parents had a 1988 Buick Electra and it was a much more modern and sophisticated than this ‘89 Cadillac.

    Max Pikh

    Looking at that rooflliner… people definitely smashed in the back beat lmao


    The "lights" that show you your directional's are working and brake lights are working, aren't lights, they are fiber-optic, the light comes from the actual bulb where its indicating. Also, the that flap that opens near the courtesy lights is for a garage door opener, but you don't stick one in it, it was an option and it plugged into that space, and gave you built in buttons.

    Jack Dore

    Anyone else noice the electrical plug in the corner of the grille

    Dustin Mikan

    That is a nice rear end.

    James Thom

    Growing up in the 80s this is the car you'd see on every US TV show, from Dukes of Hazard too A Team. Comfort and space…..brilliant


    Meanwhile the Jesco's V8 will produce 1600 HP.


    God damn that headliner :S

    Imran Isak

    You don't steer the car, rather than giving vague suggestions where the car should go


    this is all I do and Ken say about Cadillac get in the car driving a few hours and see how you feel after a few hours of driving. With most cars you can barely stay in them for 45 minutes before you have to get out I used to drive my Seville 234 hours at a time felt great that's when you know you have a good car when you can sit in that sucker for 3 for 5 hours and don't have to get out because your ass is gone numb

    Dat Boi

    Who else thought this was an old RR review until looking at the title?

    Amexum Muur Indigenous Nawlin’s

    1989 I was only 19yrs old and that Cadillac car was mostly flavored by old European Caucasian folks in Nawlins aka New Orleans Louisiana area and by criminals mob crime family members in metairie next to New Orleans city in that era

    Jasonlamcar –

    Everyone wants more of these videos, right? Support with views and like.


    I had a standard brome from 1990

    Hytham Hammer

    Disgusting looking, lanky-ass Italian stupe that looks really lame in his three-dollar bargain shorts and cheapo apparel! What a retarded Americunt!


    sorry that was supposed to be Seville not Chevelle I read a few of the comments one of the things I do remember yeah if it was a cold morning and you turned on the heater the heater would not turn on until it came up to temperature so as not to blow the cold air upon your soft Rich skin LOL

    Bradley Greenwood

    After years of driving my beloved Jetta, this Caddie (Caddy?) kind of induces wood.
    In 1988, I would not even have taken the time to wipe a booger on it.
    I was so much younger then, and now I'm older now.


    Gorgeous car. This Cadillac and most cars made from the 1950’s to the 1990’s had one thing that today’s cookie cutter techno marvels are sadly lacking -CHARACTER. Yes Dougie is too young to fully appreciate this vehicle….BTW it’s broam rhymes with comb…always has been,always will be.

    Rene Jimenez

    You could roll this around in Monterey or Carmel nowadays and blend right in. 👍


    the 85 Chevelle that I had was a very good car and had original paint all original interior it was in very good condition but the main issue was the computer was going bad which regulated the fuel and the vehicle was running very rich and there just was no way to do anything without replacing the computer and I believe the computer was going to be somewhere around $2,000 one you have to get the computer or get it repaired and two somebody said it's soldered into the dash so it's not like a plug-in module the thing I actually was soldered into the dash so and you have to remove the entire Dash to get to it so yeah about 2,000 maybe 2500 bucks to fix it but still a nice car money pits

    Terry Mertz

    I have one of these and most everywhere I go im a rock star….80's opulence at its best. back in the day I had a Buick Park Avenue and it was nicer than the cadillac


    they're decent cars I had a 85 Seville and they have definitely a nice ride I would drive a hundred miles in that thing at one time and I was just getting ready to roll it's like being in an airplane I would say very comfortable but the problems that I encountered was that not a lot of people want to work on them because they're old getting some of the parts are very hard to find and then if you do find the parts they want a lot of money for them

    Doctor Skipwith

    The black screen at 2:52 makes me very uncomfortable.


    I love Doug. But that having been said, he has no understanding of the wonderfulness of the American land yaught era. Chill out, cruise… Feel bad for everyone passing you, knowing they don't know the meaning of chilled out comfort.

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