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The 1998 Lincoln Navigator Was the First Big Luxury SUV

Main The 1998 Lincoln Navigator Was the First Big Luxury SUV

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The original Lincoln Navigator was the ultimate SUV from 20 years ago. Today I’m reviewing a 1999 …


    Stupid 💩 american engines omg, 23l/100km?????? It would suck on a 1901 raw oil engine🤣🤣
    Hope this 💩 has 400hp

    Mike Zerker

    Did the old Navigator have a ridiculous $100K sticker price like the new one does?


    Doug the type of guy to mistake word value with practicality

    Carlos Malave

    A glorified station wagon with high ground clearance.

    Wolfgang porsche

    3 mill congrats

    Lg Stylo

    Do a review on the new navigator 😍😭


    How about simulating the third row seats, by sitting where they would have been if they weren't lost. I would have liked seeing that, would have laughed🤭

    Simi Valerio

    3 million subscriber Doug!! Well done, you deserve it

    Kn Vlogs

    there is no toyota land cruiser prado

    Patty jay

    I thought all of these got crushed after Cash for Clunkers💢

    Matias Kurvinen

    Holy! 3 million subscribers!

    your dad



    Ever seen a 5ft person trying to get in one and then drive it ?

    Abdul Rahman

    @22:49 its Value not Practicality

    Mike’s Big Mouth

    5.4L making 230hp how?

    Julian 7160

    This was my dream car as a kid

    DZomla Masina

    Fuel consuption is 35 l on 80 km


    This car is ugly

    Ziad123 bakkich

    Doug the type of guy to steal a car to review it.

    HC DaVe

    Congratulations on 3 mil subs👍😃


    Congrats on 3 million my man

    adrian gx

    doug is the type of guy who open hood latches on the side to avoid grease on the middle… but lift the hood on the middle anywat

    MotorBloxx Cars

    Where's my navigator? Oh there it is….

    John Grieve

    Still shopping in the 50 cent aisle I see. Appallingly dressed as usual.


    Toyota fj cruisers video pls

    Brent Fairlie

    What an ugly, nasty plastic beast…….I love it. I want one

    Steve Marroquin

    Hoot rats stealing third row seats from the apartment complex again

    Terry Hesticles

    WAIT a minute. What about the GMC Suburban for example?? Isnt that a Luxury SUV which came out before this one. Facts

    Will Smith

    What are those numbered buttons underneath the front door handles?

    Max Petrovitch

    Are you still signing photos because i want to buy 23 for my collection?

    Bobur Shahab

    Og faze car ❤️

    Kunal Ghosh

    Didn't anyone see that the dougscore said practicality twice


    On my 1997 Expedition Eddie Bauer the central console between the front seats is exactly the same, with the same stitching. I do have an inferior radio, and only cruise buttons on my steering wheel, and no wood, real or otherwise. And from some places the 'luxurious' tan paint is peeling off the dashboard, revealing black plastic underneath.
    Also FYI: the regular 5.4 16v from the Expedition made 230 or later 260 hp, the 32v Intech on this model made 300hp.

    justin knuebel

    It's not just any 5.4 L V8 the Lincoln navigator came with the 32v dual over head cam v8


    I was so impressed when my neighbor bought one. I'd never heard of a luxury suv then.

    Alex Ledman

    Doug DeMuro you are stupid American dog)) BMW 8 series is awesome by design it coolest car in this year.

    Modi Khadra

    Stop mentioning the Lexus lx without mentioning it's real identity as Toyota Land Cruiser. Sorry my OCD is a bit hurt by this 😱 continues the video

    my lens

    Bmw 740il 1994 came with xenon headlights 🤔

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