Monday, March 27, 2023

The 2019 Ford GT Is America's Insane $1 Million Supercar

Main The 2019 Ford GT Is America's Insane $1 Million Supercar

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    THANKS TO KARL BRAUER! The 2019 Ford GT is one of the coolest American cars ever. Today I’m …

    pv_plays games

    Who else was staring at doug's reflection in the glass instead


    shoulder to shoulder in a 1 mlo car, right


    When it comes to Ford, GT stands for Grand Turd.


    the GT41


    Thisssssssss…….is a way overdue video


    Can anyone tell me why someone would get this when you can get an Audi R8 v10 plus? The r8 is about 200K and offers even better 0-60.

    Adam Macmanus

    Those torx bolts @ 14:40 should be stainless

    Hugo Fernandes

    I keep looking at Doug in the reflection of the building and him gesturing like a crazy man while people pass…. it's… mesmerizing….

    What’s the Wifi

    The Ford GT is cool and all but 500k? What?! That’s just stupid. It looks cool but who the hell in their right mind would spend 500k on a car when they can get something for the same price ( if not less ) that looks arguably better and has better performance. Just… WHY?! It hurts…

    Tim Alexander

    Sounds exactly like an Audi B5 S4 or RS4.


    I think if you paint this thing red and replace the Ford logos with Ferrari logos then you could probably pass this off as an actual Ferrari! Even the tail light design is very similar!


    v6? aaand clicked off. sorry doug but the FORD MOTHERFUCKIN GT shouldnt have a pidlywink v6.


    You gave Cool Factor 8 and 9 to 488 Pista and Aventador SVJ, but 10 to the Ford GT???…come on….


    Can't wait for the $60k 2020 vette to get a Doug score…

    K-Man Sports

    Doug, why's my keys battery emty?

    I don't know man, definitely wasn't playing unlock/lock for 4 hours straight

    Niels Blok

    Awesome car! Thanks for your honest reviews, keep that up.

    Teddy Bean


    captain barbel

    Saw how carefully he opened the trunk


    Ford GT is an awesome car, but it's a terrible "bang for your buck" performance car. It was quite embarrassing seeing the $500K Ford GT getting beat by an $80K Camaro ZL1 1LE around a track. It will be really embarrassing if the new $60K Corvette runs track times similar to the Ford GT.

    Dalton Woods

    Just get the new Vette

    Nico Endelmann

    It would be amazing if u got a Lamborghini centenario to Review

    Austin Sheppard

    The more I learn about this car the less I like it


    I thought it said $1

    Vivid- Sniper

    You lost me when you said v6

    K-Man Sports

    And now test the 1785hp version of the Ford GT from Hennessey pls! ❤️


    Extremely overpriced

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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