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The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon Shows You How Much Sedans Have Changed

Main The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon Shows You How Much Sedans Have Changed

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    Redline Reviews

    Tired of all the crossover news?? We're okay with how they've forced automakers to rethink sedans in the process…The Arteon is one of the newest "hatchback" sedans to come to market like the Kia Stinger and Buick Regal Sportback. If only the Nissan Maxima and Toyota Avalon would also go this route… like this comment if you agree with us! 😉


    Glad they integrated the nav screen compared to Mercedes which just tacks a screen on the dash which looks like an after thought.


    Dont know, but I think I would chose an Accord 2.0 touring over this car. Putting the fancy-luxury stuff aside a bit, I think the Accord is a better buy overall. Hondas powertrain and chasis is much better and refined than this VW.

    Oganes Pogosyan

    the trans shifts slow

    Jay Tookie

    I just cant get into this car… The look is there but VW is just not where its at. I owned a jetta passat and an R-line CC. Ive given VW more than enough chances to get it right hoping each would be different… Im not falling for this one at all..

    Francisco Zermeno

    Phaeton all over again.


    35 to start. bleh

    Good Boy

    I do own VW CC 2010 model and I gotta tell you that CC’s interior quality way better than VW Arteon .


    This video quality looks like it was filmed on late 90s video gear…


    all for hatchback sedans. hope to see more

    felix jose

    Really wish Volkswagen launches the Arteon in India.


    Please re-work your rating system. It comes across more as a add-on because of the other reviewers versus something real and useful. The categories are too subjective and gimmicky.

    George Light

    Every time you say "crap ton", your credibility flies right out the window. Not everyone who watches your videos is a Millenial.


    How can it be the new flagship of VW with no V6 option? I think not my friend.

    Gossip Heart

    Don’t forget to mention the price of this car when mentioning some features it doesn’t have and while comparing it to a $150k Mercedes and BMW

    all things interesting

    Flagship with less than 300 hp terrible

    Clarke Avellanosa

    The Toyota Camry is better than this unreliable German garbage

    Cole Webb-Rivera

    I definitely feel like the R-Line spec should come with Audi's 3.0T

    Billy Beheler

    I’m absolutely love this vehicle and I actually got to drive one at my local dealership. The vehicle is very solid feeling and everything is very well built. I wish they also offered another engine option.


    This seems gay for some reason. 🤔

    Toro Cars

    VW great lifespan 100k or less before repairs will cost more than value of the car.

    Paul Henry X-Ray

    As a former CC owner, this is a cool car. But why would I buy this over an A5 sport back? The A5 doesn’t carry a giant price premium over the Arteon with options. Plus the A5 is faster and gets better fuel economy. Seems to me the A5 is the better choice.


    Who else thinks all sedans should be a fast back now, aside from those entry level sedans, but all mid to full size sedans should be fastbacks


    I think when there is a passenger detected it allows you to change settings. Not 100% on that but I feel like that is a common setup.

    Thunder Jenkins

    it's a nice looking car and i would buy one new not used because the volkswagon brand does have trouble.

    Oriental Dagger

    The base SE or SE 4motion is not that bad a deal at around 35k. i would rather drive this that something like a Subaru Legacy.

    Hamza Kasim

    Why don't you guys invest in better camera gear? I feel like you guys use smartphone cameras to film.

    Allen A

    20k overpriced


    What a shitty location, can’t even distinguish the car from all the reflections of the busy surrounding.

    Sacatolas Moreira


    Jake Kennedy

    I don’t think the Turbo 6 would fit since its off the horizontal MQB platform and not the longitudal engine MLB platform the A4 is on. It would fit the 5 cylinder from the RS3 though!

    Metro Music

    You compared this car to a ES, TLX and Avalon? Those are all much more desirable cars….from engine power to interior finishes. This is a CC replacement. Why can't you do more homework before making these videos? You still think people who buy CT6's are those who get driven around too?


    Am I the only one that notices a downgrade in video quality lately? It seems it only happens in some parts of the videos. It looks like 360p sometimes even though it's on 1080p60.

    Metro Music

    10:40 <—– Excited little boy!

    Jun Dollasbe

    I am so glad you showed the Arteon SEL AWD 2019 without the R Line because that price is ridiculous with the r line sport package I stick to the sel without r line package the should've just added to 2 trim it already does not look worth the crazy ass $45,000 price tag or $48,000 whatever ik it just ugh all these trims they charge for re-fucking diculios but now I know I can get my Audi a-7 aka VW Arteon because I was looking but even the 2012 Audi A-7 are $40,000 with 80, 000 miles on em Arteon here I come


    Just to clarify Europen models are LHD too. UK and Ireland only have RHD

    Jose Augustine

    one of the best looking sedan .. this design will never looses it's freshness..


    Isn't this built on the older Audi A7 platform? Hence, the coupe design?

    Jay D

    All it needs is a VR6 and fog lights, and it’d be perfect!!

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