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The 2020 Audi R8 Is Still an Amazing Supercar

Main The 2020 Audi R8 Is Still an Amazing Supercar

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The 2020 Audi R8 has been updated — but it’s still an amazing supercar. Today I’m reviewing the 2020 …

    Regie Escoto

    Hey Doug. Nice pink bandaid, how’s the boo boo? haha! Anyway, love the videos as always!

    Alex Marquez

    Anyone else think those wheels don’t compliment the car design well? They’re too thin and not classy enough


    14:34 I'm in love 😱😱😱


    I desperately want the S6 wagon in the US in the next two years


    And then I get a Merc C-Class ad on an Audi R8 reveiw LMAO


    A C8 is faster, costs a fraction as much, but it doesn't have that cool gauge cluster… totally worth, what, like 200 grand more?

    Just buy 2 C8s instead, keep the second one at your vacation house on the beach.


    I realised that the 2020 r8 exhaust has 4 smaller exhaust in the big exhaust but it's still an amazing car.

    I’m Fishdogpigsquirrel

    The fact the passenger can’t do anything makes the car even better. The R8 is the ideal vehicle for a wealthy introvert.

    austen smith

    Impressive speed, but why such a slow 0-60?

    Tumi Manaka

    “The 2020 Audi R8 is still an amazing car” bro.. 2020 hasn’t happened yet..

    hrithik jho

    So what changed? To be honest in my opinion modern supercars are useless. Id rather buy a 4×4 or any other car that has 4 seats.

    Kripton Hunter

    This Car Has Become Really Dated looks wise, Like The Gtr

    Bartimus Trashwalker

    The 2020 R8 looks like a mid-engine Jetta, but I do really like it.

    captq youel

    Lamborghini R8

    Drilla Boyz Ent.

    Doug is the type of guy that gets a paper cut and go to the hospital for stitches.

    Thomas Schlüter

    Best sound in a current production vehicle hands down!

    Defy Your Logic

    Pretty sure the 0-60 is faster than 3.2 fam.


    0-60 in 3.2 seconds? Hey my tesla does that!

    Depot msa

    THIS !

    John Flemming

    I love the wheels, almost looks like a spider web …


    I’ll take the v8 6speed manual in white with the carbon fiber side vent from back in the day over any other r8

    Hüseyin El Boss

    But we still in 2019 Brudda… ?!


    Well Lambo is a copy of the same car, so of course it's similar lol. Lambo is Audi which is VW, same motor too. Modern cars… it's a rebadge with a fancier name and double the price tag etc. The price of these newer Audi is insane for sure.

    Matthew Sharpe

    Fuck VAG, and fuck this VAG shitheap and any asshole who buys one.

    Manifest Yourself

    Who else uses dougs smiling face in the slider to find out when the accelerations are?

    Neil W

    They would allow brake light and the turn signal to be the same one (only one can go off, if you know what I am talking about), which is downright stupid and confusing,but they can't allow sequential turn signals.


    Can you ask Audi for us why the window rolls up when it opens? Omg that steering wheel would force me to use gloves to keep it pristine. Did they give you more for the huge price increase, taking monerary inflation into account?

    Alright Doug, you sold me. Mortgaging my house to buy one.

    Team Turquoise

    Just seen your video pop up again even though I unsub and tag not interested. I have been a hater since you trash talked my favorite car the Mercedes SL. Please YouTube stop suggesting me your channel!!

    Kevin Williams

    Doug's the type of guy to have a debate w/ himself about whether or not the word cupholders is one word or 2… "cup holders" or "cupholders"

    Speaker Steve

    If you have over $200,000 for a car then I figure you have the money to buy a Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Shelby Super Cars, Hennessy Venom. All which have more than twice the power. If you're going to go out, why not go all the way out?

    Gavin Johnson

    The way he said bronze everytime


    why haven't you done the new blazer yet? it's the best vehicle design chevy has ever done


    aaaaaand along comesw the new z06 to spank it lol


    doug the type of guy to sip coffee with two hands

    Augusto R.


    Ruben Alejandro Falcon Peñaloza

    Freshkickss r8 looks better

    Sifu Kyle

    they should have added some bronze to the inside of the car. some bronze stitching and seatbelts would have been nice too.

    Seán O’Nilbud

    That v10plus ad on the dyno is going to be hard to beat.

    Revolvin Goatt

    i think it is ugly, i see a very square shape

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