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The 2020 Cadillac CT5 is an all-new sports sedan designed to take on the 3 Series

Main The 2020 Cadillac CT5 is an all-new sports sedan designed to take on the 3 Series

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    Cadillac’s newest sedan, the all-new 2020 CT5, will go head-to-head with the BMW 3 Series. It packs Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology and an optional …

    David JJ

    rear side corner looks like Honda accord

    Marcus fuller

    I totally thought this was a Nissan Maxima or Honda Accord🧐

    Joseph Calandria

    Getting rid of the sharp lines is a shame, that's what made the CTS V so great looking

    NoComment NoName

    4 & 6 cylinder engines? What happened to Caddy's V16s or at least V8s?


    What happen from the C pillar back, looks like a bad accord wanttabe.

    Future Frozen

    Interior reminds me of a 6 series

    robert friesen

    Why isn’t it a hatchback??

    Lisa Mccray

    Pretty color reminds me of lipstick

    Kenny Ramirez

    Now were talkin! Thank you Cadillac, this is sexy.

    Adam Bernard

    CT5 550T? Lame name.

    JASE StunnA

    GM/Cadillac doesn't know how to do panel surfacing. Their designs rely on lines instead of sculpting the surface to create a lighting effect on their door panels. I have no hope in the new Corvette being anything but hard lines with a mid engine and flying buttresses. The Escala concept had better sculpting and if they are basing their designs on that they need to add curves to the panels.

    Vince Noriega

    GM makes sh*t cars

    Mac G

    Sorry cadillac this ain't it. Looks miles worst than the cts


    How is this a 3 series challenger when it’s 7-10inches longer than a 3 series. God CNET has gone to shit

    gixxer 750

    Again, Cadillac fails. This will not persuade me or any one else to trade in their BMW'S or Mercedes for this garbage. I think Lincoln has some beautiful cars here lately. Too bad they will not sell a lot of them. But at least Lincoln is trying. I believe Cadillac (or should i say GM) is out of money and cannot engineer a car to compete with the Germans. I will get the new 2020 BMW m340i. Damn, those Germans KNOW how to design a car!!!

    Russell Weymouth

    Was the CT6 even mentioned once? Why not?

    Benjamin Burkhardt

    No more V8 available? 🙁
    I know this vehicle replaces both ATS and CTS sedans and there’ll be no more coupes from Cadillac unless it’s a crossover coupe (blame the Germans)

    Lance Burley

    Cadillac is destroying itself…….Cadillac didn't become the brand it is with soft lines……what makes it stand out ? That cheap C pillar, the front LED runners still aren't connected, and overall looks too bland…….far cry from the 08 CTS that really brought Cadillac back

    Chad Smith

    Looks like a NISSAN

    Drew Hunkins

    This new Caddy is much longer in length than the 3 series.


    What?! No 3.6 engine! I don't want turbos and will not buy a car that burns only premium gas.

    Sang Eeth

    I really like this.
    It's like Cadillac made a significant effort. Glad the capacitive touch is gone.

    Brian Kelly

    20th century all the way!


    Beautiful car

    Tony Musolino

    Looks like all the other cars out there. Nothing pops out, except maybe if you're going to do a video, you should use a car that isn't scratched everywhere.

    Ettore 1968

    Looks Sharp. Nice job GM

    ReVaughn Brown

    I wish there was coupe version of this as well given that it replaces the ATS. Love the looks of this though!

    AP AP

    Cadillac doesn't get more American than that..

    Lobster Johnson

    Need a standard small displacement V8. Then people will buy these.

    Google Name

    And that fake window trim piece SCREAMS cheap. Notice Audi never did that. The Chevy Cruze and Chrysler POS whatever did.

    Google Name

    It looks like an Accord! If that’s the new language learn another one.


    Cadillac has “officially” been competing with the 3 Series for 30 years now. They’ve had a couple of cars that actually approached appealing to that buyer, but mostly, they build for the typical NYC, NJ, Philadelphia person who got cast on The Sopranos. This model seems like it might come closer to what they’re supposed to be aiming for. Not sure why, but Cadillac hasn’t been what our parents and grandparents remember them being since the mid 80s. We’ve seen the rise of German, Japanese, and Korean luxury cars, Cadillac should have no trouble actually doing this

    D H

    Really sharp looking. Love the interior but LED reflector headlights? Come on Cadillac.


    It looks like a fucking nissan altima and maximum. That everybody and your members got. Come on Cadillac. GM 2003-2015 was the best cars. Cts wagon, SS everything,


    Owned a 2017 cts luxury awd and will never own any Cadillac again. GM rebadge Chevy as Cadillac hiding cheap materials under leather covers. The resale value of these cars are the worst. My advice is if you really want one buy it slightly used under 10,000 miles with 15-20 grand off the msrp. They are really not worth the money and don’t compare to real luxury brands.

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