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The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV

Main The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV

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    THANKS TO NORTH COUNTY FORD! The 2020 Ford Explorer ST is a fun family SUV — and today I’m going to review it to show you …

    Vyrein K. Kensdale

    Becuase they may be afraid that vehicles might loose their cargo floors in case you need to find one online.

    Vyrein K. Kensdale

    There ARE 2 USBs the smaller one is either USBC or MICRO usb OR it could EVEN be a lightning port for IPHONE????

    Venga Boys

    Doug is the the of guy who would eat his shit if hungry!!!

    mataanaha media vlogs

    i hate you fucking guy

    Roasted HD

    Wait for the Ford Explorer RS

    Francisco Fernandez

    Doug, pls, stop claiming that a fucking hole to pass a wire is something awesome.


    Stick shisters are slowly disappearing…

    Jorge Tamacas

    It looks very good. It has very good room for my family and our stuffs. Surely is another good option for families. I like it


    The styling takes a lot of cues from the Ford Europe models, was this designed in the US ?

    jayshawn webster

    Do a Chrysler 300 s dummy

    DER Diashow Typ

    Die Dislikes sind von den Umweltschützern😂

    US Cars

    The previous has a better look especially after the face lift. This front-end is fugly…like this stupid screen in the middle of the cockpit!

    BASEBALL bat

    I can't stop looking at those perfect wheel wells.. 😆


    The First generation Ford Explorer was laughed out of the European market. It was about 10 years behind the competition when it came out. It was slow ugly, handled like a boat and was massively overpriced. It didn't last 2 years abit like the terrible slow boat handling Ford Edge which has also been killed off after only 3 years 😂😂


    It looks plastic

    Dyslexic Teletubby

    Doug is the type of guy to be described in the YouTube comments section

    Simply Rob

    My Ford focus has that same White stitching. Lol


    Ford, the US that doesn’t offer V8’s on most vehicles to push their fake eco boost. Ferrari V12 gets better gas mileage than the GTs V6. Ford is now a euro company, such a shame.


    Looks like a clone of the Mercedes GLE, old ML.

    Kommunism Killer

    Virgin. Quirky bastard.

    Abay Amangali

    Taking a family out I would buy the new Audi RS6, you should review it Doug

    Eric M

    Doug I think they did the smart thing have 1 usb-a and usb-c together. Most new devices comes with the usb-c cables and it’s faster etc.

    Justin Y Not.

    In the market for a full size suv
    Definitely not the ST
    test drove the regular Explorer
    Highlander and Pilot
    I’ll decide soon

    Spencer Knutsen

    What in the fuck. Whats next an eacalade ss. What in the fuck is going on? Are people really so set on SUVs that even their sports cars have to SUVs or else they won't sell well?


    you didnt even mention or acknowledge the usb type c charger. Most new phones are moving away from the original usb standard, and are going for the usb type c standard, so the 2 ports, one front and one back, makes a total of 4 ports to charge your phone with

    John Schauder

    Ford should do a hardcore off-road performance suv…kind of like the raptor. Or better yet, make two or three. A small, medium and a large…built on the Edge, explorer and expedition platforms respectively.

    Tj Reed


    Mick Foley

    Doug is the type of guy, who is "that" type of guy…


    When Ford try’s to make their own trackhawk

    Vitaly Bravo

    Eww the screen is a tablet! I feel so disappointed for ford. Something seems wrong with this vihecle, but I will not even try to figure it out.

    Omar Galvan

    This looks like a dodge durango…. I see where this is going


    The previous generation came out in 2011 MY not 2013 MY. 0:13

    Jim Cornette

    12:30 you know that you can buy a USB splitter that turns 1 Port into 2 for less than $5

    Jim Cornette

    Doug the type of guy to get the performance model of a car and drive it in ECO mode

    Adam Presley

    Looks like it has a big sun roof, or window? Does it?

    Elroys view

    What about the roof?

    MR. TEE

    Don’t like it. I rather buy an SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SRT JGC has 475hp vs the Ford’s 400hp. JGC SRT looks better. That fucking iPad looking thing on the dash in the ford ST looks ridiculous. Still a police SUV nothing new with this ST BS.


    You kept calling it a mid size suv but isn't the edge fords mid size suv?

    Jim Cornette

    This guy doug thinks smartphones are the only small items people store in their cars 👾👾👾

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