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The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Is a Bargain Luxury SUV

Main The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Is a Bargain Luxury SUV

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a midsize family crossover that feels like a luxury SUV — and today I’m …

    LiL oof

    Eh Doug you still remember Charley Crosson

    Daniel Markulik

    I love your videos but this is not a MID-SIZED SUV for God's sake !!!!

    Malyn Taylor

    I'm like 90% sure Doug has Parkinson's or is a diabetic his hands shake a lot.

    Javi Merlin


    Richard Irwin

    50 out of 100 is not a bargain

    lan lan

    Doug is the type a guy that would get hookers and blow and give that a Doug score

    googoo gjoob

    1. this is NOT an SUV… it's a CUV.
    2. classy shoot location…

    Adin Silajdzija

    My high ass thought the interior was nice dark, metallic blue color. I was disappointed when it turned out to be just the same old black interior.

    Chris Frank

    Ugly car

    Joel Spaulding

    This is a great vehicle- needs a turbo or v-8 option but should have been under the Genesis nameplate.

    brabos al

    This guy thing he knows about cars by his mouth running. And y'all fool by flowing him just like a porn bitch


    0:00 Doug is the kind of guy to get a hand job from the inhabitants living under a nearby bridge and then immediately start shooting a car review.

    Joel Spaulding

    The driver talk scene- oscar worthy in the horror/sci fi category

    Siafu -17

    Looks like kia Telluride


    Sorry…it's STILL a Hyundai!


    i think all headlights in utility vehicle or any other vehicle that sits higher should place the headlights lower to not blind the car in front.

    calvin nguyen

    Look like Lincoln and cadillac copy?

    Kyro Flix

    review an astro van

    Colin Banks

    Doug lookin like a vsco girl with his hydro flask and bracelet😂

    Jose Mendoza

    Has a bently suv body style

    BlackWing88 Cyper

    wait how does the car have a top down view? dose it come with a drone or something?

    Jose Beltran
    B Gerendash

    Hate it when Doug switches into obnoxious villain mode. Not my favorite quirk/feature

    Honfy Lam

    "mid sized SUV" looks at the 6'4" Doug standing small beside the giant vehicle…


    Them guages in Sport mode, like the pissed off Johnny 5 vibe

    Albin Biju

    4:32 hmmm i have a feeling that Doug was the voice actor for HIM from Powerpuff Girls

    Iulian Bujniga

    copy cats … and dealerships are at the lowest …. is not the money you pay but the shitty treatment you get after LOL … marketing here is pay less and we will rip you off in the long run… pay the extra money and get real cars…. GARBAGE


    Putting all these luxuries and yet there's no "you left your kid or pet in the back seat Becky" warning


    this is your captain speaking

    Iulian Bujniga

    i would take that 65 k Mercedes at any time —– Hyundai sucks probably is good for 1 year..this crap should sell for at least 10 k less


    Just the thumbnail made me want to vomit. Overpriced ugly junk with shit resale.


    @4:50 can’t tell if the tears in my eyes are from laughter or terror. Seriously though, I have genuinely enjoyed your newest uploads, please keep them coming!

    Deepak V

    Thhhhwisss is a…😋


    I’m confused… Odyssey has had turn signal camera for years, Highlander has driver voice through speaker for years… “quiet ride” has been around since fade speakers to front only 1980’s? 😂 So what are the new features lol

    Karl Krell

    It has a 3.8L, not a 3.5L.

    alex john

    Those seats look soooo uncomfortable. Wish there was a front bench seat instead of a humongous center console

    Dillion White

    Telluride competition 🤨

    Joey’s Car Seat

    Doug is the type of guy to blow his nose in a tissue and save it for later.

    mountain zuniga

    God damn that cars ugly. You gotta pay me to drive that thing around

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