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The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Is a Shockingly Quirky Midsize Sedan

Main The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Is a Shockingly Quirky Midsize Sedan

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    The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is surprisingly quirky. Today I’m reviewing the new 2020 Sonata and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of the new …

    Doug DeMuro

    Correction! If you push the Hyundai badge on the trunk, the trunk opens.

    Joel Evans

    I have a 2006 Hyundai sonata and it's still going very strong.


    The engines may seem similar on paper in power output , but the turbo has great torque from very low in the rev range , making it more responsive and smoother than the 2.5 , which reaches peak torque high in the rev range. How do I know? I`m driving one here in Queensland Oz! Tried them both and the turbo is best.

    House of Killy

    The engine upgrade saves more fuel


    21:40 Tire noise ..will manufacturers ever find a solution , ..perhaps electronic sound cancellation is the answer?

    Sławek Drożdż

    In EU have tax policy depended on size of a engine. Basically there are two tax rates: first one is below 2L capacity and second is above 2L capacity.

    Robert Wicker
    The SupeReactor Boy

    I think I know why the trunk doesnt open when u walk up to it. Cuz i think its a feature that u might accidentally open when go pass the car. And i think u have to hold the key as the pic says. That my thoughts

    The SupeReactor Boy

    18:55 what is that hole for then?

    RXI _

    That rainy day sound effect sounds like someone taking a piss.


    Fun fact: Regarding automatic shut down 30 minutes. In Sweden you are only allowed to idle for 60 sec, it's "illegal" to idle more than that, due to the environment impact..


    5 times a year?! Try 1 liter a day. Greetings from Norway.


    Doug – As a fellow Doug – Just state your height each time rather than saying "I'm a tall guy", or "I'm rather tall.."… It's a review – just say you are 6'2" or whatever and that you fit with whatever comfort level. No shame in stating the facts every time.

    Also – love your reviews, and, as a fellow Doug – my friends have come to expect me to give a "Doug Score" on many/all items I am asked to review.


    I actually really like the look of this car. Kinda want one 😂😂

    Addioz Freaks

    What if my kid presses the button ? Jesus

    Adwait Dhote

    Please review Avanti, if you can.

    John LaFrance

    You really don't have to take nearly a half hour out of our lives to do your ridiculous reviews.


    The Kia equivalent will have a much better material quality on the interior. It's strange but it is always like that. The Kia version always somehow uses better interior materials and yet it is cheaper. I always feel if you're looking at a Hyundai, rather get the Kia version instead.


    Wish these car companies would lay off making everything you touch piano black. Fingerprints galore.




    It's ugly. It's a fish. On most German cars when you activate the washer fluid it turns on the recirculation and always when in reverse for the exhaust.

    Kendrick Fisher

    Lotus Evija please!!!!!!
    I binge watched your vids yesterday and I love them

    Christian Mbabazi

    The there quirk you missed the smart key which uses your phone

    Mark DiSilvestro

    I wonder what's more dangerous while driving? Texting on your Smartphone, or swiping, scrolling and configuring that touch-screen?!

    Daniel Castaneda

    Doug the type of guy to have Seahorse's for pets.


    I love whipping my 2011 😎

    Arkin Azimet

    you gotta press Hyundai logo upper portion to open the trunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I've always said, Hyundai has some great designs…but it STOPS there.Their service is the worse in the industry and customer service is a four letter word to them. I know that first hand. Burn me once…never burn me twice !!

    Cedrick Ramilo

    Please Review a SAAB Turbo X 🙁 Love your videos!


    I mean…
    I would guess that the „upgrade“ engine gets better gas mileage and has more torque.

    Ofir Sagi

    The upgraded 1.6 has more torque perhaps?


    Hey Doug, don’t know if somebody mentioned before but you can open the trunk pressing the top of the Hyundai logo. The ‘No-Hands’ feature works after a couple of seconds you stand right next to the trunk. You will hear two beeps and then the trunk opens! Nice review. Thanks!!

    Henry Rodgers

    I keep seing cars with this slope-roofed, aerodynamic body style, and I wonder… Why the hell doesn't the back glass open?
    Other than that, I quite like the Sonata. I wouldn't buy a car the first year after a redesign, but give it a while, and it might be a really good car. The new model has brought honor to the memory of my aunt's 2004 Sonata. It had 310k miles when it finally croaked.


    Using the washer fluid 5 times a year… sure Doug, we all live in sunny California where it rains 5 times a year and your windshield gets dirty after 😂 I love the features they include, because for example driving in winter (here in central europe), you need to use the windshield fluid 5 times a day 😅 and at that point you are going to be very happy to not smell that fluid every time and instead listen to some open air café 🧐

    Ian Klingensmith

    Looks like Doug shot this video at a driving range.

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