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The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Is a Fantastic Luxury SUV

Main The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Is a Fantastic Luxury SUV

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    GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO LINCOLN SOUTH COAST! The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a …

    Kevin Burris

    I agree, I said when they first showed it , it was the best looking suv , or at least the equal of the Velar.


    12:45 voice crack

    Alexandre Pelletier

    Ive crossed into vermont from quebec a couple times by accident so that border crossing thing has its use not the whole border has a gate with booths


    It's probably the nicest inside, it's the most beautiful suv : 7




    They made huge door nobs that do basically nothing


    Handsome looking SUV

    Maxence Prat

    Lights are 0,001% capable to do what Audi one’s are able to do

    Matt Gibbs

    V6 TT but it's hooked up to a one-speed gearbox


    Wonder how much it'll cost to fix some of those killer features 10 years down the line? Those 30 way seats, 28 speakers, lights, buttons, yeah I'd pass on that bill.

    Mando Cortez

    There is more than one border DOUG

    Samuel Harris

    I feel like this sized suv is more in competition with the likes of the X7 and GLS rather than the X5 and GLE.

    john sanchez

    Nice suv

    Dylon Nnaocha

    I would buy it if I had the money

    Al Crawford

    Just a question, will Lincoln take over Cadillac?

    M. William Faria

    Doug, you need to do the 2020 Continental with the suicide doors once they become available. Looks like it could be something really special.

    Mitchell Jordan

    Doug, how come you never review the sound systems of the vehicles. Some new models have high audio systems that cost $5k+ but I've never seen you mention anything about a vehicles excellent or average audio system.

    Lee S

    Wait, the badge illuminating bugs you? Hardly the stupidest thing to happen to car design. May I resent, fake fender vents ala Infiniti FX Qx70 or whatever the hell they call it now.


    I really thought people would stop saying "Two Thousand" when we hit Twenty Twenty. I was wrong. 😅

    Lee S

    Reviews cars for a living, doesn't know the difference between headlights and DRL's


    @ 22.54 "The infotainment isn't on the same level" Really? The Lincoln has the Harman/Revel audio system, possibly the best audio performance in the industry


    Wolseleys had a light up grill badge 60 years ago.

    Sergio Salazar


    Rtb Inc

    The idle max time is probably for chauffeurs – who will idle the cars waiting for their clients.

    srt hellcat

    Nice suv but its more stuff to break down the road

    Vlad Alexander

    i love PPP

    Spencer Berklite

    this was the longest Lincoln commercial ive ever seen.

    Forrest’s Auto Reviews

    My review of this will be out this week! My goal is to get more views than Doug! What an accomplishment that would be! Love your channel Doug! You inspire me to do what I do!

    Christopher King

    For 80k I'll just get a Range Rover.

    Chris Warfield


    A Norseman

    So, The Avator will last for 3 years before it falls apart?


    Of course you love the design Doug, this is heavenly “inspired” by Range Rover. 🤣 (not saying is a bad thing tho)

    Jerry Torres

    this guy sold his soul to GM…

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