Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The 2020 Maserati Levante Trofeo is the Italian Jeep Trackhawk

Main The 2020 Maserati Levante Trofeo is the Italian Jeep Trackhawk

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    2020 Maserati Levante Trofeo review by The Straight Pipes. The Maserati Levante Trofeo is pumping out 590hp and 538 lb-ft tq from a Twin Turbo 3.8L V8.


    What do you think of the Levante Trofeo? Also, yes, the comments from 1 week ago are from Patreon.com/thestraightpipes and YouTube members. YouTube is not broken

    Stöpfel W.

    I like it , in the past Maserati disappointed especially with the Ghibli but this one is pretty nice but the infotainment is pretty laggy 🤔 and the tech seems to be from 4-5 years ago

    Mega Hawk

    Can't wait ordered

    Jack Greaves

    Pop pop… I see you community reference.

    zombie apocalypse

    2023-24 it will cost 50-60k like.

    Aby Alex

    Toyota Supra all the way!

    Jeton Balisha

    Review the GLE63s SUV non the coupe one haha


    the reason they make exhausts like that now is so that when the car is hit from behind it doesnt push the exhaust forward

    Phil B

    How NICHE is that car????

    Great review but why oh why did Ferrari (Maserati’s owners) feel the urge to get involved in such low volume?

    Of course – Badge Engineering……

    Darrick Novo

    Could it be the new particulate filters that could be affecting sound? I think that's why the Giulia sounded worse than the Stelvio.

    Aby Mathew



    nice ctm shirt

    Mike Martin

    I hate it.

    Gabe Hernandez

    No one talks about maserati


    2021 rav 4 prime plz?

    Louis Harviley Jr

    Levante Trefeo, Which Means…..It Will Be In The Shop🤣🤣🤣🤣. Forgot…..Enjoy The Engine While It Last😅😅😅

    Adam Salamat

    Can you give me a thumbs up i will give you a thumbs up for you please


    the same spec goes for $350,000 aud. true blue cooked economy right here.


    Would you guys ever consider doing a video about the 2020 Nissan Pathfinder and Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition, I just bought a Rock Creek Edition and I love it

    JaDereon Starr

    My sister has a JEEP GC and her trunk button is on the side, dumbest place ever for trunk button FCA… My top pick used to be the Porsche Cayenne but now the Aston Martin DBX is undeniably the GOAT!!!

    Javier pereira rodriguez

    maserati should remove their trident from the front, its too big

    Javier pereira rodriguez

    so you pay 3 figures to touch crappy dodge plastics??? WTF?!?!?!

    Muzaffer Ozen

    Hm… I’ll buy it in 3 years for $5.37

    Shannon Stjulien

    its a keeper. the pearl white paint with the black trim is astonishingly beautiful.

    Ravi Patel

    A 4runner impresses me more than this. Gonna depreciate and it doesn't look good.

    Bradley Horner

    Yuri's been studying up on his Italiano. He musta finally gotten tired of Jakub giving him hell all the time.


    I like a "Troféo" when it is associated with a show quality 1992 Oldsmobile Tornado.

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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