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The 2020 Porsche 911 992 Is the Newest Version of an Icon

Main The 2020 Porsche 911 992 Is the Newest Version of an Icon

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    THANKS TO PORSCHE SAN DIEGO! The 2020 Porsche 911 is the newest version of …

    Darth nataS

    Push the gear lever forward to go backward. Ok, that makes sense.

    Darth nataS

    Highlighter green, hell yes.


    3.3 is fucking fast…


    Damn I hate that color

    Geo New

    PDK is for weak legged sissies.

    Tim Berendes

    3rd Pause light?


    This looks awful. Who on earth would buy this??


    I really like the look of the new 992.

    seas garage

    Yes! Good color!

    Online Money

    Needed a nap before this review… seems unimpressed during drive

    Supreme H

    Porsche San Diego .. OH u mean the one that’s always empty ?

    Fa ‘Le


    Mario Monclova

    It screams pull me over ticket for going 2 miles over the speed limit, because it stands out they be pacing until pass city. It won't blend with other traffic with this loud color. It not like a white, black, silver, or blue or red. Don't recommend florescent colors, because they are too loud and not many per population

    capito tube

    i love your videos Doug ,but i wish you would show the start up of the cars and the way they sound .


    Who is Portia? I'd like to meet her, since you won't stop talking about her Doug!

    carlos campos

    Doug the type to drive a ford gt to the club and wear 2 shirts and shorts with sandals lol

    Church of Porsche

    It’s the 8th gen not 7th

    F, G, 964, 993, 996, 997, 991, 992

    Ian Benge

    legend has it doug doesnt stop sweating

    Kay Kay

    is it me or the 911 is really ugly…

    Derrick & Derrion

    If it ain’t a hellcat idc😂😂🤣

    Frank RenewablesCheap

    Wow, 0-60 only a tenth slower than a 60k Tesla Model 3 performance, which is 4 cents a mile to fuel, doesn't stink, and doesn't make a racket.

    Niles Peel

    The reason why Porsche makes small rear seats is for insurance purposes. Can i get a Doug Score?

    Mr Bruh

    It's pronounced "porsh" tho…


    Video quality is horrible. Doug you should be a new device

    postersm 71

    Honestly I’m really not impressed with this car. The doorhandles are stupid as fuck and every package sucks and will cost you an extra 10 grand. I love the fact that Doug is impressed by all the plastic switchgear yet the $50,000 Kia stinger has all aluminum switchgear. Go figure. The gauges are fairly decent but still not as good as what you would get in a car half that price

    postersm 71

    Doug is the type of guy to say eeeeeeeeeeeeelectronic. EE lectronic 18:46 The rear lighting looks like a dodge to me. It’s not very unique with the exception of the third brake light


    Why they call “2020…” when you can get it in 2019? Only marketing or is there a smarter subtlety behind?

    Lee S

    and next up….

    Shankar Balan

    This chap Doug. His way of expressing his excitement is a bit on steroids


    this car is absolute shit. I MISS my '88 targa!!!

    Puffy Elvis

    Talk about over-engineered, geez! They can make the lock button with an indicator in the shape of a lock that turns red, but the Park indicator gets a small rectangular LED… and what happens when that button’s electronics go out?

    Bautista Echague

    Why so much importance for the cupholders in a car

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