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The 2020 Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition Is Speed, Beauty and Rarity

Main The 2020 Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition Is Speed, Beauty and Rarity

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    Land Rover’s Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition comes with the longest name in the automotive world. It backs it up by making short work of …

    Nsubuga Patrick

    Owners in Uganda are off-roading to office on a daily.

    Sean Sinclair

    So here we go…all the negative comments from people who never owned a Range Rover, who never drove a RR and who(m) for sure can't afford one and is envious as hell; they'll never understand the satisfaction of taking a $150K luxury suv into the most challenging areas, having it detailed and then pull up in front of the symphony, in style might I add. It's not your average boring Toyota, the RR actually has a lot of personality and it has capabilities you can only dream of ever fully exploring. It's a very sophisticated piece of machinery, and as such it'll need repairs as it ages, obviously, that is what extended warranties are all about. I have owned 5 over the past 20 years and I have no regrets, Rovers are awesome; that being said, I wouldn't buy an old one just to be able to say I have a Range Rover. There's nothing average about it and it's not a poor mans suv, so stop complaining about the things in life you can't have and go do an oil change on the old beater sitting outside. Cheers :):):)

    Protect from Evil beings

    Why the Fook yall made range rover to look like luv 4 toyota!! hoter ranges are 2013 down. All the uper & above that its Toyota luv 4 look u guys bite from .. ruined the look ..

    Protect from Evil beings

    Hoter body style for range rover are 2013 down , these new changes they ruin that iconic vehicle … grrrrrr

    Tony Wellington

    youre gonna miss the sound of the gas engine?
    they aint going extinct in your lifetime my friend

    Dicky Ball

    Range Rover 💩☠️, overpriced crap.

    Right Lane Hog

    Tom , Merry Christmas to you and all your SUBSCRIBERS. How does watery Washington State compare to all those authentic Charlie Brown Christmases you used to have back in Minnesota?

    Titus Pullo

    Wouldn't it be nice if once….just once…….an American could pronounce Jaguar properly? 😉

    Arvid Karlberg

    is it just me or does the front end look like a late saab 9-3?

    Paul M

    Very sexy vehicle. I don’t like the interior dashboard, but otherwise I would lease it.

    Donnie McSeo

    Never trust a British brand.

    tommy d u b b s

    Yeah there's a difference between OFFroad and DIRTroad…. If you're on a dirt road you are not OFFroad….. Even a sports car could have driven that dirt road, stupid, and that guy with glasses seems full of shit…

    emilio blanco

    HBO's Westworld is filmed there

    Adam N

    Hot dang those are some big wheels.


    A good looking car ruined by poor reliability ld need to improve this by next year


    Yea if this is what you call off road then a Toyota corolla can equally do this

    Rafael Romero

    Rafael Romero

    Cornelius Thompson

    Stupid people will buy this regardless of its many reliability problems.

    minnie saab


    Mag neto


    Tim Blaker

    Tom, Merry Christmas!
    I'm sure standing next to the moving violation red vehicle was a choice.


    That ground clearance is the same as my hatchback. My hatchback doesn't have air sus tho 😉

    SS S

    Fantastic car that I'll never own. Pretty sure if you can afford a $100k car you can afford more than one car.

    I Downvote All Ads

    Great review as usual.


    A really really beautiful SUV. How in the world that Jag/Land Rover is okay putting out an infotainment system that froze for Tom in just a brief time with it is a kinda pathetic. Glad to see they are looking to improve what every single reviewer mentions as an issue.

    Ronnie Seneque

    Loved it.

    Ines De La Hoya

    Happy Holidays !!! xoxo

    Melvin Stewart

    Race Suv

    Ernest NA

    "Eco Data" Shows much money blew out the exhaust pipes. 17MPG Comb/premium fuel.

    Mustafa Bilek

    Now , Driven Suv Reviews :))

    Michael Boese

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Tom have a great Holiday !!! Another great video luv it . 🎄


    I used to drive that road you were on around the 3:00 mark to school everyday! It was an awesome drive…too bad it was in my 2005 Prius though…

    Chris Freemesser

    9:45 minute video ends up being 13:24 because of the length of the name of the vehicle, lol

    John C.

    "under the bonnet" Someone's been binge watching The Crown.

    David McCormack

    Tom I believe Wayne's World 2 was filmed at that location. Not sure if Wayne and Garth had a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

    David Wolf

    While I've always appreciated the very nice and luxurious appointments with the general Land Rover/Range Rover models, they ALSO are always at the bottom of all automotive consumer reliability lists. I would NEVER own one of these vehicles.

    Billy Shields

    Ferris wheel? Uhhhh, no clue


    The entertainment system is still crap. Why Jaguar/Land Rover doesn't care to do something about it is a mystery.

    George Matosian

    Thanks again Tom for another great review. I’ve had a 2008 LR2 and now a Discovery Sport Dynamic (286 HP) and taken them both off road. The LR2 has gone out with local Jeep clubs on three events, and while there was no rock climbing at the “newbie” level it kept up without a problem, somewhat to the amazement of the Jeepers. Despite the reputation both cars have been very reliable. We kept the LR2 in the family and at 90 K miles it’s been great. I chose the Discovery Sport because of our experience, wanting something with a nicer interior than a Wrangler Rubicon at the same price point, which clearly is far more capable off road. Critically the “Dynamic” engine , fully corrects the epic turbo lag of the earlier, less powerful models. It’s been seriously off road three times and at 16K miles been an absolutely reliable and pleasantly quick ride. Keep up the great work, it’s much appreciated!

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