Saturday, March 25, 2023

The 2021 Nissan Rogue Is All-New. Finally.

Main The 2021 Nissan Rogue Is All-New. Finally.

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    The Nissan Rogue has been a popular choice in the U.S. but not a modern one. The 2021 Rogue is all-new right down the the much stiffer architecture and …

    Salih Alexander, Esq.

    The CVT is a no go.

    I love the styling.

    Mr. Voelk, you're in my Top 4 with Alex on Autos, Micah Muzio at KBB, and Tom Moetchler (formerly of Consumer Reports).

    What a professional.

    Cliff Smith

    My local (i.e., closest) Nissan dealer has approximately 35 2020 Rogues still sitting on their lot right now (No Frontiers, one Armada, some sedans, and two or three Titan Pro4X). They're going to be sucking buttermilk trying to unload their inventory and unfortunately, I'm not in the market for a Rogue. I thought they were nice in the beginning, but now they're like pretty girls on a Carolina Beach – everywhere I go.

    Alex Bojsza

    Do your research CVT engines are junk don't buy any of them with a CVT engine

    Chris Parayno

    Can we get a low speed gear box so I can actually go off road. Is that so hard to ask for? Remember even old school small SUVs like the Suzuki vitaras had them.

    Marcus Woodgate

    Looks like a Pug 2008


    They should have dropped the CVT transmission and made the whole car about a foot longer.

    Lauren Jay

    Can someone explain why CVT is undesirable? Just genuinely curious


    Don’t fall for this Renault junk. Same old crappy transmission and “fall apart” reliability.


    No start stop system I hope??? That’s one thing that Nissan hasn’t added and they are very smart to do so. That system is the most ridiculous thing ever added to cars. It does not save you anything. It’s annoying and will cause you more repairs later on. Good job Nissan

    Paul Melnychuk

    If the high strength steel adds to reducing weight.why dont they build it with 70/ or 80/ ????

    Adam A D Johnson

    Great review !!

    Shawn M



    Nissan has been absent for the past 10 years. The competition has leap frogged Nissan by every performance metric. This is too little too late.


    Meh.. Nissan is always that one girl in high school that’s trying too hard, so hard she went overboard.


    Who cares about another SUV? They all are the same. Nissan is done. Their truck division is a joke now and their quality has gone to abysmal levels. Same Z, Frontier can’t get to market, cancelled Xterra. Titan doesn’t sell. Nissan is going down for the count.


    It looks like a car that doesn’t sell in the US

    mac daddy

    6:00 alert: Pulp Fiction haircut. Be prepared.

    Victor Asack

    Ugly with a capital U


    Why is it just me but why is that car simular to hyundai kona

    Cesar Esquer

    I do not like the front face design. It looks strange

    Jay Duke

    this guy confuses me


    idk how i feel about the new front end design… it's not as well done as the hyundai crossovers or chevy suvs

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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