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The All-Electric 2020 MINI Cooper SE Is Perfect. Except For…

Main The All-Electric 2020 MINI Cooper SE Is Perfect. Except For…

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    Electric cars are a blast to drive. The 2020 MINI Cooper SE is no exception. In fact, it might be the most engaging car the brand makes. But in a world full of …


    That really looks like it was filmed in the UK with the narrow roads and overgrown bushes and trees everywhere. What area of Seattle is it?

    James Chung

    I like most of the e-Mini. I wish they could produce one looks like a regular Mini and personally, those wheels don’t appeal to me.


    Poor man’s head up display?

    are vee

    Save lots of money and buy a used, late model i3. More range, more room and perhaps half the price.

    JP Dunphy

    I work as a BMW/MINI Genius in west Chester, Pa, driving this thing makes me want to get rid of my Type R! Tom, you forgot how the battery being low and being in a T shape has another added plus… nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution!

    Barry W

    I leased an 84 mile e-Golf for 3 years and felt a bit nervous at times about range- it had 25.000 miles after 3 years. I now own a 125 mile e-Golf and (until recently) put about 10,000 miles a year on it, with no range concerns. I agree with Tom that this Mini SE is a fine car for most Americans. Thanks for the great review. I love the clean air and lack of pollution, and shows how government regulation can restore our health and give us back the natural world we deserve. If only we all drove EVs. Be well, Tom. Thank you.

    Mike Outlaw

    eh im not sold ill keep my R53.

    pat moitry

    Great toy collection, Tom! How is Mr Campbell doing these days?


    If every car was electric we would need %7000 more nuclear power plants… And that's %7000 more nuclear disaster sites. Fukushimas air is lovely just before you grow a tumor…

    martin kleinman

    Well I love it. NYC apartment dweller that I am, it's just a pipe dream. But it looks way cool and fun to drive.

    David Trapp

    Great review but I'm not impressed by the brand or the very limited range, no thanks.

    Long Island Mopars

    Hi, Tom. The toys were cooler than the Mini. Do you remember the Hot Wheels Thundershift 500? I had that and wish I kept it.


    Two things: First, in Washington state, when you go to renew your license plate tabs – there is $220 of 'extra' electric fees over a gas model. So a lot of that money you would save on gas is going to be eaten up every year with these fees. Second, this has to be a designated 'second car'. And it's hard for most to swallow a $30k pricetag for a 'second' car that they CAN'T be taken on trips. (Oh, I dare you to try and take a car with a 100 mile rage from Seattle to Spokane – there are just not as many charging stations out in the middle of Washington as you think).


    Tom, appreciate your patients, but it's called "a horn". On the road, you have the right of way and if the people are walking/running with the flow of traffic, they are wrong, and you have every right to use the horn…that is if it didn't eat too much into your 110 miles or range. 🙂

    Christopher Car Reviews

    "Think they are expensive"?


    A great 4th car.


    Nice video!

    Rtb Inc

    My chronic complaint is that these are toys for people with multi-car garages. These are second cars. If you are East of the Mississippi urban apartment dweller like me you have nowhere to plug one of these in every night. There are a non-starter for people like me.

    Gerry Power

    You and Mini can make all the excuses you want, e.g. "studies show", but the range is inadequate for many buyers. Nobody is going to want to stop every hour or two to recharge on a trip to grandma's house.

    Vincent Chen

    I love your toys. Those were all my brother's and mine. Major Matt Mason especially. Hot Wheels. Lots of memories with that orange track too. Imagination folks. The Mini looks tasty. Only thing, living the carefree apartment life here at least, these are a bust. So I am not really convinced an EV will ever be for me, though I am a huge fan. ICE for the most part is dead to me. The instant torque, silence and cool factor of electric impress me. Like your videos Tom. Your video quality is so nicely done. I don't think I can remember a poor quality video from you. So in the times of Covid-19, and yeah I am paying dearly. I lost my job from lack of work Covid-19 created, so yeah it hurt me more than some others. But your videos bring light of hope and your pleasant manner makes it a joy to watch these. Keep up the great work Tom. I am a serious car fan, and I would never miss any of your reviews, and do share with others your reviews.

    Trump Sucks Cock

    Love your reviews. Stay safe Tom!


    Not a fan of those "CORONA" wheels.


    Hope BMW puts a range extender in it.

    Tony DeMore

    You also have to consider that here in the relatively mild pacific northwest winters (Portland, OR) EV range drops 30-35%. That's fine for my Chevy Bolt as I can usually count on about 160-170 miles on the colder days.But the Mini EV would drop to below 80 miles. But I would love to retrofit those Mini seats into my Bolt 🙂

    veggie chowder

    That cargo was excellent! Thanks

    PD Lynch


    Driven Car Reviews

    FYI, Dan Edmunds at Autoblog just tested this car and saw a range of 137.7 miles. I saw 122 with some hard driving here and there and around 50 miles of highway speed driving (Dan was moderate on throttle with little highway travel FWIW). Here's the article-


    I love your old man humor and yes I'm an old retired man!

    I can see the EV as a good second car for errands but not for long trips…

    Mark Roaquin

    +1 for the Picard reference!


    The Mini research based on UK driving is why this won't do well in the US. UK people don't drive to commute, they take trains or the bus. For 20 years in the SF Bay Area, my shortest commute was 45 miles/day and the longest was 150 miles/day.

    Rob Halpin

    Another great review, Tom. Cheers. Think they'll offer this as a convertible?

    Ivan Vojt

    110 miles so it's well under 20K right?

    Richard Patronik

    Those were my two favorite hot wheels, too. No wonder I enjoy your videos so much.

    B- Rad

    In Oregon the total maximum tax rebate that can be applied at the time of lease amounts to $12,500, which lowers the base model price to $18,500 and the midlevel trim to about $21,000. If the lease rates match other cars in that price range such as the Corolla Hatch SE, this might just be my first car out of college. I can imagine people buying this as a fun commuter car as well, given its interior and driving characteristics far exceed its price.


    All the toys you showed and spoke of, I was very lucky to have as a child…
    I guess I never knew how well I had it growing up.
    Awesome mini, I'd really like one as a second car

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