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The All-New 2020 Ford Escape Takes A New Path

Main The All-New 2020 Ford Escape Takes A New Path

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    Escape is Ford’s second best selling vehicle behind the blockbuster F150. The all-new 2020 model adapts a sleeker shape and not only brings back the hybrid …


    Ford vehicles have always seemed cheap looking in both exterior and interiors. This is no different. The Toyota RAV4 is way better in many ways. Higher resale value, reliability, unique design, etc.

    Jesus Baez

    Very nice looking Escape but seems a little pricey in my opinion


    That same orange color better be available on the new baby Bronco or I'm gonna be really p—– off.

    James Mastroianni

    Am I the only one here that absolutely hates fwd based vehicles?

    Avik Sarkar

    Such vanilla


    I see Range Rover evoke and Porsche Taycan in this design tbh


    Kia sportage look alike

    Pedro Thevenard

    It reminds me of an old Mazda, not sure if I hate it or not, it looks like it's smiling at me.


    Looks cheap


    The styling reminds me of a Mazda CX3.

    David G

    Wow, the designers really did an admirable job of erasing any trace of masculinity from this iteration!

    Daryl Shook

    Looks decent, though I feel like it could use a bit more ground clearance.


    This reviewer is so annoying. Who cares that you have to fold down the seats from the rear doors? And rear pockets, who even uses those? Only if you want to stretch out the leather with useless junk you don’t need in your car.

    Old Man

    Why is Ford not calling this one the "MILITARY GRADE TITANIUM' ?
    But otherwise, you really cannot blame Ford for this sad overpriced offering as they have come to learn that Americans will pay any price for 'TRUCK, TRUCKLIKE, TRUCKISH, vehicles,,,,, what's that ? The U.S. has the largest sheep herd on the planet ? Why yes, but over 50% of those sheep have guns and drive MACHO vehicles.

    Andy Douglas

    I'm glad to see more companies are offering PEHV SUVs


    Please escape from the escape…. ECOJUNKS!! Yikes?!

    Eric Jr

    The Ford Edge Titanium starts around $38,000 and it has a V6 engine with more room. I don’t understand the price overlapping, how can you price your top trim small CUV so close to your top trim midsized CUVs? One would think that consumers would be tempted to purchase the (slightly larger) Edge Titanium for less than $1k more. The Edge Titanium probably has a nicer interior too (material wise). They have a lot of foreign competitors like Hyundai, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, KIA and Honda.. some of these models cost thousands less in top spec. Despite everything I’d expect Ford to continue to sell a lot of Escapes since you see them everywhere.


    The design is boring, utterly boring and uninspired.

    Elliott Manning

    It seems many of the journalists aren’t in love with it, which to me only means one thing: this will sell very well. Most people don’t caste about seat releases in cargo areas. Look at the CX-5. It’s beautiful and yet it’s dead last in sale figures.

    Barry Kane

    Cheapy interior, odd divots om interior door panels & cheapy details missing like rear-seat back releases are a deal-breaker. Disappointing.


    Considering the problems and quality issues occurring with the Explorer and Aviator, I'm not sure I would trust any new Ford product. A shame as this looks decent if cheap.

    DelRey Tamayo

    I'm waiting for 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid in Velocity Blue

    Art by Atlas

    Plastic trees 😆 Nice one lol

    Jeffrey Segal

    Its nice, but I wish we were getting the new Focus demi-ute with the fender spats. That said, this is the 1st Escape I'd consider owning.


    Taillights look like RAV4

    Vladimir Lenin

    Wannabe Porsche at the front, RAV4 in the rear.


    Why are American car brands so bad at interior design? It looks so basic on the inside


    I don't care if it's more car like or not, this model is head and shoulders better than the previous version which was a bit long in the tooth. And since Ford USA isn't doing cars anymore, they should go on and bring the Ford Puma from overseas as the entry crossover for the US market (obviously don't call it Puma as we have no history with that nameplate).


    And here I thought that I was the only one who said “fancy pants” in every day conversation. lol
    Great review and looking forward to seeing the review of the hybrid version.

    lewis key


    The Real Brendon

    I’m getting the 2020 Escape Titanium in Star White!


    Bland, Boring, Completely forgettable. The only buyers will by loyalists. There are way better options from the sea of competitors.

    Now Tom on the other hand is Spicy, Exciting, and Completely Unforgettable! 🙂

    Scot Matheson

    I’m surprised that Ford markets this vehicle to women specifically. We have a 2013 escape and it’s held up very well but I was expecting a much quieter newer version with a little bit more tech

    El Diablo

    Thumbs UP for Tom, Thumbs way down for this new squished Escape!


    This or CRV🤔CRV


    Missing a lot of quality of life items like rear seat pocket and rear seat down quick latch… CX5 have all that stuff, faster engine and cheaper then the escape.


    a popular choice for mall security I've noticed.

    B- Rad

    A base price of $26k is about 3-5 grand to expensive when considering this is supposed to replace the focus as an entry level compact car. If ford thinks the Ecosport is going to fill that gap then they're even more delusional than I thought. I just don't understand how ford can build a vehicle from scratch and mess up the value proposition so badly.

    Steve Jones

    looks too much like a Mazda. I thought the 2nd gen. was very handsome. This kinda screams rental car to me.

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