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The Amazing McLaren F1 Stories You've Never Heard Of

Main The Amazing McLaren F1 Stories You've Never Heard Of

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    prasad acharekar

    Would love to see a part 2


    More F1 stories please. Thanks.

    Hong Ha

    #018 which just sold at auction??

    Samuel Pillow

    defiantly a part 2!

    jorge 88

    I stole those sweet McLarens their all here in my garage all of them! in my house in the Hollywood hills right next to my shelves of books Here in my garage!

    andrew wright

    Bean sold it for 8 million! The rich get richer ay. Was smashed up the last time in Peterborough A1 services. People here always thought it was totaled.

    James Morrison

    I have one of the hand made "Driving Ambition" books…it is as close to an F1 as I am ever likely to get. I wonder what that book is worth these days. It was nearly $1000 when I bought it new. The F1 will always be the ultimate car to me, just like the SR71 is the ultimate aircraft.

    Leshen Premsagar

    Yes to a part 2 please!

    Grand Saga

    Part 2 on this. oh please. we can't get enough it

    Catfish Billy

    Why is this guy talking like that? It’s so hard to watch

    BUX BE

    How much was Rowan's car when he bought it? $8m! Jesus …

    Stanislav Zhelev

    Part 2 please and then other brands

    JRV Autos

    What about the F1 that went missing in Mexico?

    Adrian Luders

    What about the Australian f1 that was totalled by a bmw mechanic taking it for a “test drive” in the hills after working on it. Spent years locked away and was finally restored.


    PART 2 PLEASE! Love this stuff!


    Part 2 please!!!

    Javier Calvo Hdez

    Supposedly, there's one here in mexico, in Sinaloa to be exact. However, the only pictures that were taken of it were in the early 2000s, no one knows what happened to it.

    Spencer Lagman

    One of the F1 stories I remember was Elon Musk once owned and daily drive a McLaren F1 but it was totalled 😭


    What about Elon’s???

    Ryon Atkinson

    Where my Bruneians at?

    Steven Kipping

    More F1 stories please. Love this car. Great stories 👍😁

    Jonathan Wilson

    The f1 was my child hood dream that and the f50 f40 and diablo SV I love them all


    Make a same video for Pagani models

    obsolete optics

    Why do you need 10 F1s? That's 9 other people who don't get one because you just have to have ten.


    Part 2 Part 2 Part 2 Part Part 2

    George Gagishvili

    Part 2 Please. Thanks for interesting information.

    Dean Ossiander

    fantastic ……. more stories !!!!

    James Dean littlebastard

    missing 039 in Mexico , does anyone know anything about him?


    Definitely a part 2!! George Harrison owned an F1 and I’d like to hear the full story of that / where it is now


    Please make a video about ALL THE F1 McLaren stories! 🙂

    Javier Medina

    Great video, part number two please.

    Pablo Cruz

    Theres one, in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Seen it, sat in it.
    Property of a famous drug lord, who was killed… the car as far as i know is still locked up hidden away in his garage, rarely sees day light.

    Graham Lawton

    Part 2 plz!


    Ok, good job, you get an upvote. I'll watch part 2 as well if you put it out!


    look into chassis 22 … DM me if any info needed


    Part 2 , 3 , 4 ! Who doesn't love F1 !


    Does Gordon Murray own one?

    Samuel Barajas

    Part 2 plss

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 43 total)
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