Tuesday, March 21, 2023



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    COME ON!! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Thats_Ery_Day Life

    Hopefully the rodnock luck got saged out

    CNNis FakeNews

    Courtney, cleanse that car!!! Put it in the GTR! Release the negative luck/energy. For Chris' sake.

    Brett Brumley


    CEO Sleeper Sport Labs

    She a real one for that


    Go tooooo h20000000

    Adam Smith

    I love your stupidity how you listen to everyone except people who know some stuff. Thanks for the laugh roddersrey

    NW Riders


    -DANK- formulalt1

    Shoulda bought a chevy

    Julian Hernandez

    Bring your ass down to h20 so much fun

    Jack Moran

    Don’t run anything besides motorcraft filters and filter housings in a powerstroke


    just shove Mr. hard r in there..let him fix the ford.


    I think you should’ve let Courtney cleanse your car lol

    Logan Nees

    H2Oi? HELL YEAH. Throw a meet. Meet some cool people. And have one hell of a time.

    OneTouch Garage

    Yes it is real lol. Do it on all your cars

    nathanael catrow

    COME TO H20!!!!

    Grayson Burrell

    That face Courtney made told me you've never focked her before


    Ali Baba test pipe warps and shits the sealing face, so lets buy another exact same Ali Baba bullshit test pipe to fix it so.. You know… You can get another Ali Baba Test pipe in a few months. Super genius idea. Just get a Megan Racing one or better yet, maybe just lose the test pipe all together and weld a pipe in that biznatch. ^_^ I have fucked up like that before. Bought a junk ass Blox intake mani for my blue 99 SI a few years ago. Thought it looked dope so i bought it. Not even a month later i was driving somewhere and all of a sudden my shit is bouncing off the rev limiter for no reason.. Pop the hood, and the poor B16 head was getting molest-o-conned by an AIDS fucking gap between the mani and head. Shit warped. Said screw that jank shit and just bought a used Skunk 2 manifold. Shits stil cash. No problems (With that particular thing.. Plenty elsewhere. Fucking moneypit.) Need a gas video Ruddy.. Where's it at?????????? Looking for a BANGER. Make it happen.


    Chris totally need a cleanse


    Kourtney is trying to get that super stank off of the Rud. haha <3 Kourtney Shes a trooper for dealing with the cool ranch dorito stank

    lee key bum

    Please go to h20 Its gonna be my first year there


    I work on semis and heavy equipment for a living, trust me dont listen to others because diesel engines will break lol if they didn't I wouldn't have a job.

    Luke James

    Why is Anton not fixing it truck he's the bro

    ttrex Boss

    That thing is new and has rust

    Gamer The Original

    Go to OctoberFurd and make a non filtered video LoL

    taylor fugate

    She’s a keeper.


    I'm down with the sage cleansing bro. Be an eighth deep in boomers and you'll love it

    Chris Atterbury

    Go to H2oi 49th st

    Rob Gillan

    its sage, yes sage is real and the smoke is real whether you think it does anything else all depends if you believe it or not.. I reckon


    Goooo took h20!!!!


    COURTNEY, get a "Strapnick" tat on your arm!

    Eric Sorg
    B Man

    Why did you move out of Florida? 😞

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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