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The Car Tech At CES 2020 (And Yes, Sony Did Bring A Car)!

Main The Car Tech At CES 2020 (And Yes, Sony Did Bring A Car)!

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    There’s a lot of automotive tech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sony shocked everyone by bringing a car, the Vision S. But there was …

    Jữnįör 888

    love it thanks a bunch

    Victor Seastrom

    Clearly over the years they've mashed metal panels around in every conceivable attractive fashion and now we're left with dross. Maybe they should take a cue from Jaguar's electric XK-E.

    Benjamin Liu

    Hyundai brought an aircraft

    Bruh WHAT


    Would love to see you test drive the SONY Thang, or uh whatever they call it.

    Kenz300 x

    Electric Vehicles are the future. No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs.
    Gas and diesel are OLD polluting technology.

    Stephen Bradley

    Millions of people are pushing for easy Mobility BUT people who are in the True meaning of life in a wheelchair get left behind in the World!


    Quite a different take from the CES shows I grew up hearing about and later watching online. I hope you are having a good time Tom and thanks for covering this portion of it!


    I like it, I'd buy that Sony car. Wow, all this technology is amazing, what an incredible time we live in! That Toyota City in Japan looks awesome! Thank you so much time for showing us all these things! Did you like Sony car?


    cars are officially over


    Your wireless mic is always going to be susceptible to interference and failure in a radio-polluted atmosphere like CES. Rather than investing in an all-new mic, try investing in a wired sound recording system you can mic and use to record audio from your pocket. Use it when you're in a trade-show or other radio-polluted environment. I know you have to sync the audio to the video but really that's a minor extra step.


    Wow imagine if T3/T2 suppliers starting just making the cars themselves?

    Eric Arrington

    You probably don't need new microphones. I would imagine that a event like CES would have thousands of person all trying to use the 2.4 ghz band.


    I've see the movie Wall-E…. I truly believe that is the direction mankind is heading, and autonoumous cars are one of the first steps down that path… sigh… Humans are so lazy…

    Rick James

    2020: WOOD car

    Mark Sloan

    That beeping at the beginning was really weird

    Warren J. Goss, Jr.

    Thanks Tom. I was wondering what car stuff was being displayed at CES. Does this show now become the default first car show of the year? Great video. Get us the specifics on the Sony car.

    Billy Sou

    At one time, CES has overtaken the NAIAS when it was held in January. It’ll be in June this time around.


    great video!

    Tony S

    Tom, thanks for another excellent video. I disagree with you on the Nissan Ariya, however; the back of this thing is hideous.


    Sony showed us a car nobody asked and also gave us the new PS5 logo. Nice looking car tho.

    Mess 096

    CES, the one show I would live to attend.

    Karol Szymon Wiśniewski

    Excellent Video!
    Keep up the great work!

    Right Lane Hog

    Was the message on the back of that FIAT subversively prophetic?

    CTO Information

    a tesla and porsche had a knockoff baby

    Michael Ugarte

    The future is quite exciting.

    Alex Duffy

    Please make a video on automotive accessories!

    Jeff Ruebens

    I like the Sony small earphones or earbuds for music. They last years longer than other brands I have tried. It is good to have Murican, Japanese, Korean and Chinese competitors for vehicles and aftermarket parts. Just say no for tariffs and quotas for less crony capitalism like the Rump's and Raygun's that he copied.

    Louis Wong

    Good video! Though I think your wireless mic is fine. It’s just that at a big convention like CES there are so many different wireless frequencies bouncing around that you were getting interference. Lots of mics have the option to scan open channels if that helps when you notice drop outs like that. Keep up the great work!

    Rob George

    Great job Tom, as always. For those of us who have a longer attention span than most people, (presumably you do 'short' videos as most people have the attention span of a goldfish) :)(presumably according to YouTube viewing figures?) I'm guessing there is no chance of a much longer presentation for those of us who enjoy your work? Even a 'rough' on the go clips without your usual slick presentation and editing style would be great for those of us who will only ever get to see these shows/ car reviews on the screen. You could call it " Tom, rough & uncut" you never know you might find you have a whole new audience. Maybe on a second channel, that seems to be the 'in-thing' these days. 🙂 Best wishes from Wales.


    great video

    Matt Finch

    Tech is converging to cover everything.the way of the future. How CES has transformed from the early days!

    Chris Wood

    I always enjoy your videos, Tom. Thank you for always making quality content! You could review dirt at this point and I would probably still watch it. haha

    domingo humberto gómez lópez

    Wow, very impressed with the show this year. Thank you Tom

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