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The Car That Nobody Wanted | MIRA RESTORATION FINALE

Main The Car That Nobody Wanted | MIRA RESTORATION FINALE

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    Watch the full story of how we brought this classic JDM car back from the brink of extinction… NEW SONG by MOOG ‘Bullet’ featuring (erin.)

    Mighty Car Mods

    The finale of the MIRA features a brand new song by MOOG titled 'Bullet' Featuring Erin Clare (erindotmusic) Thanks for supporting indie music – We hope you like it!


    Find someone who looks at you the way Moog looks at Marty…and Marty looks at the Mira. ❤️



    I could not wipe the smile of my face while watching this!

    Bobbycat GT

    People tune those cars in malaysia 😀 its so fun in those little cars! I remember my uncle's rebadged Mira with the turbocharged 660cc. Pretty fast..

    Leon Yu

    so emotional and powerful

    A Baker 71

    Damn you guys, now my eyes are sweating. That intro was epic Marty! <3


    It sounds amazing


    Im happy to have seen this story start/finish … cheers

    Fergus Carroll

    sight unseen sex spec yaris vs mira???


    If you skip past the monologue, ignore the touching story of this glorious little nugget, and just watch them driving it around the track, know that Marty's smile will still tell the story completely and absolutely.

    For what it's worth, and knowing the story too, I was smiling along with him. Great work, guys.


    The Beginning was poetry 😭, Mira vs Mini when

    Eddas Stuff

    Great build great song

    Hawker Typhoon

    And you know what!
    Moog is the best Mate one could ever have.
    That dude is the Wingman the Gunner the Bombardier and the Navigator of an indestructible flying fortress of Life.
    First reaction was "No. hell no. please no. god no. No – No – Nooooooooo"
    Then he was active in still bringing it back to aussie land , and he stuck with the idea and stayed along for the ride.
    And – he might not know – or maybe he does – today Moog is one of the Broadeat-shouldered Giants in the world.
    Moog – You are The. Shit.

    Isaac Van der Vossen

    Bloody amazing Marty!!! Look at your smile!!!

    Mike Schaefer

    I love this show it’s given me more meaning in life

    Maarten van den berge

    The most epicest nugget in existence


    The Yaris cometh.

    Jacob Miller

    👍Great video guys, made me nostalgic, I watched a couple season one episodes right after I listened to the new song a second time. Excellent compilation Moog!

    Dylan Coburn



    I want to get to a point in my life that I am as happy as Marty looking at his fucking Mira. love the video guys, thanks

    Wondering Monitor

    Congratulations Martin! What an amazing journey, such an achievement. Truly awesome to have been watching this with you, and you have some very good mates! Enjoy and take care of the little Mira.

    Ben Kohnen

    A priceless nugget for the heart and soul, one of my favorite 🔥🤟✌

    wish bone

    that is the cleanest 90's mira ever! i cant wait for moog's WRC replica 420hp/torque yaris project! <3

    Fezz Fox

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    Bobbycat GT

    Dude I Love Mira So Much! Especially the Japanese version.

    Hawker Typhoon

    sunday morning right in the Feelz. Ouch!


    A dirty little moth.

    Ross Bourne

    This is almost like the end of an era. This has been one of my favourite MCM cars so far.


    Marty, that was a beautiful presentation, I actually got teary 😢


    I think it's kinda…ugly. Not the worst looking car but not my cup of tea. BUT I absolutely respect the passion, everyone should find a car or a project they're passionate about and just go for it. You went far beyond what most people would, but spending twenty grand on a car that will never be worth a quarter of that is what car fanatics do. It's about the journey as much as the end result.




    Whats up with moog. Sound like hes got a cold. Fair play with your pocket rocket man.
    Its great to be different lads. Top show keep it up.


    Why am I crying 😭 watching this…happy.


    Holy, who is chopping so much onions this early in the morning. Beautiful introduction, beautiful presentation, beautiful just beautiful.


    So when’s the engine swap 😂

    Michael Latham

    Still my favorite build the 2 of you have ever done! Moogs Mini is def the other. Keep it up guys!


    [euphoric soundtrack intensifies]

    Gregg Doughty

    That speech at the beginning was actually pretty deep and eye opening

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