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The CRAZY, Super Low, Weird & Tuned Cars @ WÖRTHERSEE 2019

Main The CRAZY, Super Low, Weird & Tuned Cars @ WÖRTHERSEE 2019

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    Join my Notification Squad: click the Bell ○ This is a compilation video of some of the odd, slammed and tuned cars I filmed at this year’s Wörthersee.

    Jason Waterfalls

    Someone spilled Fast and Furious all over the place. As if we needed more proof money can't buy good taste. The Pantera, Eleanor, a couple of the Audis, and the BMW at the end were cool though.

    billy heaton

    That Pantera nasty big cam the wheels were fucked

    Rodrigo Delgado

    nice catch.. admirable iron horse…..

    George Wohlters

    Never thought I would say this. But that's one clean Fiat Uno!

    Christian Andersen

    That first Delta Integrale <3


    Quanti soldi! Menomale che il buongusto però regna ❤️

    Unprepared Hero

    Time for gumball 3000

    El Tio Chachi

    In Italia la maggior parte di queste auto finirebbero disintegrate in qualche buca delle nostre vomitevoli strade

    AHR Red

    Are You Going To JCM In Modena?

    Steve J

    The Thing @ 1:49
    I used to have one of those.
    I painted it camouflage and actually raised it 2”
    It was a fun car.


    The Cossie and M3 look seriously amazing

    Detective Risdun

    Thats some crazy shit

    Street Rider



    1:50 Get in loser, we are going to the Eastern Front!


    This is what Wörthersee schould be, not this standard VAG, Merc cars.


    Best carporn ever =)))


    I wish I could get that many views in 5 minutes.

    Ben Sutcliffe

    Brilliant video man!

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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