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    Help support the channel by buying some merchandise! All new stuff! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    SFL Car Scene

    What happened to Tommy’s leg heard in a video a while back he got into an accident or something ?

    Jerald Hite

    Question have you thought about using stripper? Not that kinda STRIPPER. There is a wet blasting technique that cleans paint off in mins without huge mess or damaging the sheet metal.


    Mugen CRX Tribute would be sick either the early white/ yellow or later white/ gray.

    Sauceking 954

    Mudflaps make all the difference on cars for real bro 👊🙏🙌

    Reptilian Jiu Jitsu

    Really enjoying Tommy on these videos. Explaining the process really well

    Alex Tavares

    2:40 ya got some wax on ur bumper light

    Lazy Amg

    7:33 🥶over fenders

    Jason Plante

    The tip in on the blueberry is all outta whack cause of the ITBs


    If your stripping a whole panel why not just use paint stripper?:

    Spose kbs

    Took me a whole year to fix a quarter and im still not done blocking it lol


    Markus Parts


    is it really what Tommy the painter meant?


    On your way to destroying that thing.

    Brandon Burton

    That mohawk Chris kid is a bit annoying…

    Just Awesome ::

    Blueberry itb😍

    Will Perry

    Sell me the red Miata when it’s done ! But you have to deliver it to NY !


    @ricermiata If your going back to bare metal you should use paint stripper insted of sanding it like that so much quicker and easier and no chance of warped panels from sanding just paint strip it panel by panel then deoxodize it and give it a sand with 180 then etch primer it also where gloves if your touching bare metal as it starts to rust in about 10 mins if you touch it with no gloves on

    Thomas John

    Thanks for making life less depressing Chris money rudnick

    miata sideways

    Screws are behind the ruber door whether string

    Parker Haigh

    should’ve hit it w 180

    Paul Morales

    I can’t stand those wheels that are on the blue berry!!!!

    Mike S

    Tommy clearly knows his shit


    Marcus chewing on some tabbacco lol

    David Blackwell

    Paint stripper is your friend.


    Blue waffles


    What makes u think they have a deep voice when u say , you shouldn’t be taking short cuts lol

    Paul Tomlin

    The other Chris arguing with the guy who knows those clips do come off! Don't argue with someone who has been doing it for years.

    Kevin Trust

    You ever hear of aircraft stripper?

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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