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The Dodge Neon SRT-4 Was a Cheap, Fast 2000s Icon

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    The Dodge Neon SRT-4 was cheap speed — and it was an icon of its era. Today I’m reviewing an SRT-4 ACR to show you what made the SRT-4 special, and I’m …

    sae6d_ _

    Doug the type of guy that still uses yahoo

    No Sh!t

    You should review a Ford SVT Contour

    Devon Carmona

    My dad has a 2005 srt 4 stage 2 so idk

    Angry Dinosaur

    My car! Never thought I'd see an actual ACR on here. I'm the single owner of my flame red SRT, bought new in 2005 now with 66k and am very proud to hear the positivity.


    If they had made these AWD they would have sold millions more of them and probably still be selling them.

    R Dev

    Hi Doug DeMuro, can you do a review of the 1960 Corvette C1 ?


    Just a thought for the Doug Score ratings – maybe consider a "for the segment" or "for the era" set of ratings – I understand that doing all of the ratings is difficult and somewhat subjective anyway but it seems like the SRT-4 that was made in 2004 and was selling in the low 20's and did 0-60 in 5.4 seconds deserves more than 4/10 for acceleration (unless you are using a scale that has to include hypercars or the Tesla P100D like the Doug Score does) but that said, I am sure you get plenty of opinions on the scoring system and there is probably a good reason – it is what it is. It is shocking how nice of shape that car is in for having over 120K miles on it… It has to be the nicest Neon in the world with that many miles by far.


    Doug is the kind of guy who talks about Covid-19 quirks and features

    Christine Crockford

    I'd like u to review the beautiful Peugeot RCZ R

    jennings mills

    I got mine "solar yellow" in February of 03
    nobody knew what it was back then. Everyone thought it was just a neon with a wing. it was sooooo much fun smoking integra's and rsx's!
    this car produced alot of jdm tears.


    Imagine being the most annoying person on the internet🥴

    Rudraksh Sharma

    Wtf, stay indoors Doug!


    Doug: compares Neon to STi, Evo, Corollas
    Mazdaspeed 3: am I a joke to you?


    My dad had one of fhese when i was a kid, it was a peice of garbage


    You 31 years old?

    Lee Xiong

    Sold mine last year for $7.5k with only 50,000 miles. Kind of miss it now but love the 340i lol.

    Arq Datta

    Doug is the type of guy…

    I ran out of ideas.

    Luis Marquez

    Review a 335! N.54

    s2k_ orly

    Hey doug … the rear cup holders were in the bottom of the aem rest lol

    John Smith

    It's really a cheap speed car cause its not even close to 300 horsepower

    Eric Messina

    I would be curious of your thoughts on a 03' Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Coupe. However, like this car, you would probably have a hard time finding one that is in decent condition.

    Joshua Ramirez

    I think the interior is fine

    Joshua Ramirez

    I never mew there was a ACR edition with the BBS wheels until now. Thank You Doug.


    Do a review on a Chevy 454SS


    sorry but those old switches from the parts bin were great, my mother had a Grand Caravan and those switches just always felt good and easy to use.


    This dude shakes his head waayyy to fuckin much for me. I made it to the engine bay and was getting motion sickness symptoms. Uhh, hey doug, dude you can just hold your head still and look at the camera when you talk, everything else is optional.

    Braden Carlson

    The Neon and Caliber SRT4 are cars you just really wanna hate, but if you drive them you can't help but smile.


    Douglas do not mention the unique inclusion of a Subwoofer if you’re not gonna demo it and play some slapz for us.

    MAD Scientist

    Not that Doug score you mean the Dork score

    Steven Mccullough

    Thanks Doug for the straightforward review of the Dodge Neon SRT-4. Telling it like it is. That's what I enjoy about your reviews and the quality that makes them valuable to me. But, wow! Roll down rear windows. Smart and stupid at the same time. That says 2000's Dodge all over.


    Great video, now do the SRT-6!


    As soon as I seen that srt4 need for speed underground 2 came to mind

    James Nave

    Review the Kia Forte GT

    Jay Slowzda

    I can consider this car to still be one of the best sounding 4 cylinders till date. Too bad you can hardly find one not beat to shit.


    Loved my Neon, and called it such as it was. Purchased a white SRT4 ACR new in 05.

    Tarzan Montana

    Doug cracks himself up 😂😂

    Phillip Cheesman

    so much hate….sad

    Albert Menendez

    Find a CrossFire Srt-6

    Albert Menendez

    Where Some Pants, Dude. I Don't Want to Look Your Gross Fucking Legs

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