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The End of Ford in America

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    The End of Ford in America, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Ford Flex review. Ford is ending their small SUV the Ford Flex, is this the beginning of the …

    Scotty Kilmer

    The End of Honda Reliability: https://youtu.be/rc1_rvMZAg0

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    Anthonee A

    Scotty you would die if you knew how much people pay for used cars in ca. Used sienna with 160k would be 5k easy.

    Frank Gutowski

    The Jag X type was a rebadged European Ford Mondeo.

    Keith Collins

    Scotty. What is your thoughts about a 2005-2007 SAAB 2.0 t. I got a chance on picking one up reasonably priced. Thanks

    John Mooradian

    I love the Flex.


    We had a 99 Jeep Cherokee several years ago. Paid 500 and everything electrical broke on out (and lots of mechanical parts too). The inline six engine was the only thing good about it other than the price. Traded it to a mechanic friend in return for work on another car!


    We had a 99 Jeep Cherokee several years ago. Paid 500 and everything electrical broke on out (and lots of mechanical parts too). The inline six engine was the only thing good about it other than the price. Traded it to a mechanic friend in return for work on another car!

    Laur Ujeniuc

    He Scott is 2013 infiniti g37s manual transmission with 39.000 for 13k dollars, is it good?

    Daniel Kalmus

    That red jeep cherokee xj is definitely worth it!


    Ford Flex, glad to hear Ford is finally getting rid of that thing. I always thought it was ugly. Never liked them.

    Lil ZEZE

    Good to know

    I’m not even 16


    I knew a woman who had a Flex, and she loved it.

    Michael Werbick

    Ford Flex w fully loadedere nice riding vehicles with a killer factory sound system

    Harvey H

    i rented a Ford Flex a number of rentals before and found it was a nice driver. I would select one now if offered after landing at the airport. Best rental was a Toyota Highlander.

    Blitz Ace

    Shout out to Saugga 🙌🏼😂

    Jay Notes

    Good riddance

    I like YouTube

    Ford Edge, gone the way of the AMC Pacer! People thought they were kitschy at first but sales declined as everyone who wanted it got one and that was that!😆🤣😅😂

    Enrique Olaez

    I wanted to buy one! They look cool!


    High mileage cars are fine daily drivers if you drive a reliable model and maintain your maintenance intervals.

    I daily drive an ‘03 Honda Civic 5-speed with over 200K on the clock and it runs/drives like a car with less than half that!

    Dorian Freeman

    This man moaning about jaguars being built in England. At least we're not to blame for the tragic junk called a dodge calibre. To own one of those you need a big brown paper bag on your head. In fact a brown paper bag probably handles a lot better.

    Bernard stokes

    Wow! Very informative.

    Thom Casey

    The Flex is basedon the 2012-2019 Explorer and Taurus. Since the explorer was redesigned and the Taurus cancelled, so goes the Flex. The Bronco will take it's place


    I believe the 2019 and earlier yaris are still Toyota's. so if the guy just buys a low millage 2018 or 2019, and saves a few bucks instead of buying brand new.then he could still get a toyota yaris instead of a mazda yaris and save a few bucks on the instant depreciation of vehicles and the higher intial cost of the 2020 yaris vs the 2019 and 2018.

    Bill Wilson

    Soon Ford will just make Pickup Trucks….

    Frank P

    The Ford Flex had the best customer buy back outta all ford vehicles , won a lot of awards ! One of the best vehicles I’ve ever driven !

    Tyler Sprague

    Thank god! I hate that car, i prefer my 2001 f150 lol

    Chicken Hashbrown

    O.oh God

    Lochlan Denton

    I have to disagree Scotty re the Yaris, depends on where the Yaris is being sold, the Yairs sedan in the US is a Mazda 2 but everywhere else they have nothing in common. And besides, the Mazda 2 is better than the Yaris and the Jazz. I don't understand why Americans don't buy more Mazdas, they're the second best selling brand in Australia and they're great, I work for a rural multifranchise dealer that also sells Nissan and VW and Mazdas have WAY less issues than both those brands!

    murcielago Batman

    The Toyota yari 2007 and below are all Toyota

    murcielago Batman

    The Ford flex was the Honda elements for them.cant hate them for trying new thing

    Lyimo Ej

    I too loves so much Ford Flex,,, this car is as pretty as my 2014 – 2016 ex girlfriend…..❤️, they weren’t supposed to stop making it

    Joe Cruze

    Scotty what do you think of the old two stroke Detroit diesel engines?


    I had a Toyota Sienna at 160K and the f***er blew a cylinder on the freeway and nearly killed my wife. Turns out they have oil pressure/mainfold issues.

    Mc Bain

    That Fords pure ugliness to my eyes.

    Sneky Slav

    Hey Scotty my girlfriend has a 2002 Chevy prizm with 150k miles. It burns oil enough to need filled every 100 miles. Mechanic replaced any gaskets that may be damaged but it still is happening. Any help?

    Gary Kerkstra

    Love my Flex.

    Jeff Branch

    The Flex is an honest vehicle – it's NOT an SUV, it's not a crossover, or any other stupid marketing meaningless term. It's a STATION WAGON and doesn't try to be anything else.

    felix stucky

    Scotty's head said 🦃

    felix stucky

    I'm looking to buy a Chr..

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