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The Ford F-650 Is a $150,000 Super Truck

Main The Ford F-650 Is a $150,000 Super Truck

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    THANKS TO CNC MOTORS! The Ford F-650 is a super truck — and it’s crazy. Today I’m reviewing …

    fouoii gyhh

    That’s a big FIre Engine Red FU to the environment right there!

    Michael Stevens

    This man should not be driving this truck, he shouldn’t even be seen next to it.

    Настя Баркалова


    Jim Niro

    2:40 OMGLOL


    but the important question is, Why?

    Avor Volker

    That's ridiculous. Nobody needs a gas guzzler like this but you can bet some dumb cowboy thinks he does.


    This is the first vehicle that made you look SMALL

    El Don

    i got a ad for the ford f160😂


    How does a huge truck with a huge bed and gobs of interior storage AND room for 6 adults get a "3" for practicality? C'mon Doug, be fair! I know it's huge and unwieldy, but it should be at least double that!

    Umar Ashraf

    The accessories should include a separate retractable ladder.

    FarizX77 _

    Busuk wong

    Preston Bowen

    Yes, because the elderly or small children will be driving this. Good thinking citing the steps as a negative for those groups dip ass. This is why these reviews aren't relevant anymore. If it's not a multi million dollar sports car it's shit. Thanks doug.

    Harpo Marx

    By far, the biggest AH0les on the road are pickup truck drivers.
    Tail gating, speeding, bullying, no turn signals, distracted, impaired ..
    you name it .. you'll find most of them driving a lard@$$ leaf-springer.

    Felix Bock

    For when your 🍆 is really small.


    Does it come with a manual transmission?

    GOMAT drag race

    Turn it to a 6×6 or 8×8


    dovG the Räzzjän 3 seater ^ ^

    decent truck. add a decent silent runnync v10 or 12 bed cab tank doors and windöze $.$

    Naman Sharma

    Doug: THIS….!!!!!

    Myles Callaghan

    @DougDeMuro, would you review the Lexus SC430 please?

    pepijn tielemans

    That license plate tho OMGLOL!

    Ultra Whitening Colgator

    I've never wanted something more in my life

    Erik Morgan

    It's a nice truck, and looks really good, but I can't see it serving anyone much of a purpose, other than showing off..
    With it costing $500 each time you fill up both tanks.. How many times ya gonna want to do that?
    So there goes any idea of taking a long road trip, unless you're rich..
    The box came from the F-350, and it's height is pretty inconvenient for hauling a load of gravel..
    If you do own one, I could see it being top boss at plowing snow.
    Nevertheless, still a beautiful truck..


    The only thing I could think of for a practical use of this truck would be to tow dump trucks and 18 wheelers that get stuck lol

    Khalid Saeed

    Thank you very much. You made my life easier. I don’t know what I would have done without you if you hadn't taught me how to climb the car ladder

    K ris

    6:35 FYI, Doug, when LP is added to Diesel engines, the refill ports are run to the compartment behind the F-350 fuel door.

    John Smith

    Looks like a huge expense.

    Hans Müller

    Looks like a Civilian MRAP but made by Ford for Civilians. Then Los Santos Customs got a hold of it.


    This shouldn't be a pick-up truck. This is a real truck


    This truck is basically a gold painted brick. Useless. Don't forget to fuel that DEF tank with the blue cap in addition to the diesel tanks.

    Adolf Hitler

    It looks like a tank

    I like tanks

    K ris

    I sell RVs. And every time a tradesman comes in, if he’s bragging about the brand new, fully loaded truck he just dropped a specific amount on, there’s a 100% chance his credit is garbage and he’s buried in his trade. This truck, in particular, is what they have most of the time.

    I still wonder how Ford manages to approve financing for applicants who haven’t paid more than a handful of bills their entire life

    Tj Morrison

    Into the F-650ehehe 3:44

    Enter a name here Mario

    this thing is totaly shit. super low quality. front and back bumper looks shity as hell and do not compaire to the car.

    tristan 123455

    "put it in neutral and pull on the parking brake like on a manual transmission" who tf parks in neutral in a manual?

    Kop Cole

    What is the point of it? Seriously…it’s ludicrous. That thing will kill the planet on it’s own.


    i work for a solar panel company i think to balance the world out i need one of these i should make a go fund me for this truck

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