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The Freedom Factory has some MAJOR Issues You Probably Didn't Know About…

Main The Freedom Factory has some MAJOR Issues You Probably Didn't Know About…

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    Purchase the FREEDOM 500 PPV here – Broadcast @ 7pm EST. Race @ 9pm Friday, April 3, 2020 * This is not a public …

    Mack Kruger

    Can I ask were is toasty boy

    kurtis s


    EuRKoZ Shop

    LOL, nah. $10 to watch the same shit? No thanks. You jumping the gun on the purchase of a track to the point that you can't afford your own content? Not our problem. You even mentioned "I'm not going to buy a new McLaren"… maybe you should actually even get on that level before asking to be paid for content (even though most of those guys don't have pay per view videos lol). Doesn't seem like people understand the the "free to watch" platform is what has been paying you all along.

    Fire Hive

    Gray and Light Blue for the walls, would look sick.

    Ricardo Hz

    Maybe needs an alignment?

    shaddow boxer 679

    Not going to lie almost lost it 🤣 that’s a honest man right there


    do it blue and white with a little red

    Zachary Kidd

    Oh a cobalt blue, light blue, and white for sure

    barry dansereau

    >>>>>>> CLEETUS>>>>>>YOU HAVE THE DALE TRUCK IMAGE REVERSED <<<ON THE INTRO<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Foster Scott

    hey cleetus will you post the race for free a couple of days or weeks after the race happens

    gaming with corey

    Try to get dail to do it

    miah Cabazos

    Cleet you going to put a tribute on the track to david steel ?

    Caleb J

    Definitely needs an update. Gotta make it yours! Red white and blue for sure !

    John Mitchell

    Blue black and silver

    Jadon Barker

    He yeah

    Terry Carter

    I think that Richard Holdener wanted to race there?

    Andy Smart

    i'll be on my honeymoon 3rd of April. What a great way to spend some time with the missus 😀 can't wait!

    Jordan 4_2_0

    Ur already getting money froM the adds 🤣

    Leonard Ward Jr

    Hell ya brother, true blue

    Tory M Blue

    Mobile blasting to remove all the old paint!

    Tory M Blue

    Surprised you are not thinking about one side for RV's 🙂 forget the bleachers, create a party area, role in with your RV, bet you have close to 50+ sports over there?


    I know it's expensive… what about the possibility of installing SAFER barriers? They ARE expensive (I don't know how much), but just your thoughts.

    Bradley Chambers

    Demolition Ranch and Cleetus?! I can hear the bald eagles now. Does Matt plan on bringing his toys of freedom?

    Elixirs fish

    millionares with mullets

    Daniel Ward

    I'm a painter, if you peel the old stuff off down to the concrete. You'll have to put block filler/primer on it first or its just going to fall off.

    excited box

    You could sell some tickets and only use the aluminum bleachers for now till you get the rest of them fixed. That will be a lot of extra revenue in tickets and food sales.

    Jye Grillett

    Blue wall


    The YouTube content is free. Might as well pull your ass out for a 'fans only' account . 😂😂

    Chris Kennedy


    Chris Kennedy


    Chris Kennedy


    Chris Kennedy


    Casey Hill

    Get Travis Pastrana for that last spot!

    Andrew Maddalena

    3:51 almost thought you got a freedom factory hauler


    I reckon for a paint style you guys should go with blue and black, since it’s the same colour style as the FF logo and even your hat, 🤙

    Richie Schilk

    Are you going to change the "desoto speedway" label on the front ?

    Matson Nelson

    Blue wall

    Cameron j Marsh

    Not gonna lie your “freedom factory logo looks a lot like the skid factory logo

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