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The Future of Saab Values – Are We at Rock Bottom?

Main The Future of Saab Values – Are We at Rock Bottom?

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    Check out Kyle’s channel here: Today Kyle and I join forces to discuss the value of Saab’s …

    AstralWalker One

    Good car talk this time..your fully right on the 95 04-05… I predict that the next models that has hit absolute rockbottom to soon be gaining value is the 93 Aero 03-04 and the v6 05-06 to go up in value…you have exactly the same scenario as with the 900 models the t16 aero was so expensive that they didn't sold a huge number of them…its the same scenario as with the first gen 9-3 2.8 t and the first and the first ge 9-3 aero 04.. with the 900 t16


    05' Saab 9-3. Not wrecked and running sold to scrap yard ! Youtube search "jaysmart" Someone might save it from the crusher !

    Mark Stallard

    You know how some 900's value can be over 10k? A band called vampire weekend burned 2 900's classics and called them "cheap" and "broken" even the the old owners loved them so much, they had not been informed either that there cars had been burnt

    Linas Vinkleris

    The way that seatbelt is strapped is giving me anxiety

    Kyle Pancis

    Great time doing this collaboration! Thank you Auto Autopsy and the saab community for your support! Lots of good plans for my channel so make sure you smash that subscribe button and stay tuned. 🙂

    Arnoud Berg

    Here in the Netherlands; my father has an TurboX SE automatic imported from Switzerland for €17,500(19,800USD) with 168k km. Fully loaded with 19", open roof., ESID2 etc. timing chain, xwd haldex, kath replaced. Full Hirsch suspension. Stock engine. No stratches, dents. Every year detailed. Allways serviced by Saab specialists(bills to proof) It's his 4th Saab (owned a 9000CD Turbo, 9-5 V6 3.0 and a 9-3 V6 Estate Hirsch.

    Clams McGee

    Prices havent bottomed out yet.
    There's still plenty of junk saabs for sale.
    Once those mostly rust away or end up in salvage yards, then prices will go up on GM saabs.

    Darren Burke

    Well Kyle got his 1000 goal, currently at 1030, Thanks to Jacob , Well Done

    Gordon Fairbrother

    On my eleventh Saab my favourite was my 99 turbo

    JTP 795

    See, the reason I got into Saab’s wasn’t because of the price or my parents. I paid 10k for my NG 9-5 aero but I was looking for a saloon car such as a 5 series and it just so happened the 9-5 was in the suggested ad’s at the bottom of the page. I fell in love with it and went to buy it the next day, neither of my parents have had Saab’s either, they were shocked when I bought one lol, I had a Mercedes a class before so they thought I’d get another Merc. Now I’ve got he NG 9-5 aero and 9-3 aero and I love!

    J Nilsson-Acosta

    Using Dead SAABs to make new SAABs?

    That would be a FrankenSAAB!

    Greg Wensman

    How many Turbo X’s are still on the road?


    There not cheap in the UK you can't get parts Cheap I love saab had a 93, had to sell her most garages not interested in doing repairs I found due to parts issues availability and delivery, definitely collectable cars but there low use only weekend or summer fun a put away car if you can afford too, if you want a saab need to be handy with the spanners and that's another issue there unique cars like I say it's a collectable low use motor not for the faint hearted or empty wallet type 👌😎✌️

    hamza syed

    here in Spain saab 9-3 turbo x of the year 2008 are for about 15,000 € with about 200k km.

    gage simmons

    Hey man im 16 and building my first car, i have a 2001 saab 9-5 manual, full do88 coolant/heater hose kit full pcv update with oil trap filter mass airflow delete all done by yours truly so i have basically a t5 ecu on a t7, soon to be do88 intercooler kit 9000 t5 pistons and cams timing chain tensioners valve cover/head/intake/exhaust manifold gaskets and guides and a top mounted tdo4 19t ive seen you around a few times in the saabmerica and sona group, shes one of a kind, i do video tuturials for eeuroparts as a sponsorship for credit to more parts 😋


    I had a 2008 9-3 SC 1.8t for 6 months as my first car. Now I got a SS turbo X. Awesome cars with good community!

    Bill Feinberg

    I bought my Snow Silver Metallic 2008 9-5 5 years ago with 61,450 miles, new tires and DIC, one owner for $10,500. Depreciation wasn't an issue for me because I knew that I would keep it for 10 years. I knew SAABs because I once had a 1987 900 Turbo.

    So after 5 years I've put in a total of just under $3,000, which includes all 4 brake pads/rotors, suspension, including front struts, rear shocks, and all bushings. Also included are all Mobil 1 oil changes at 3,000 miles, filters, radiator flushes, transmission fluid changes at 10,000 miles, heater bypass valve, jalousie, halogen headlight bulbs, Hella throttle body, and a windshield washer kit. Also included was all of the labor from a SAAB-only mechanic.

    Most of the work and parts were wear or preventative. The value of the car with current 95,000 miles is about $5,000. I expect the car to cost me about $700 a year to maintain. But again, I'm not selling it. It's an awesome, safe, reliable, comfortable car. So depreciation is the last thing that I'm concerned about.

    A huge plus is that my mechanic allows me to bring him the parts. He also knows the car so well, that he can change the cabin filter in 17 minutes, a fan speed sensor in 15 minutes, and a jalousie in 15 minutes. Imagine what a GM SAAB dealer would charge.

    Hopefully my 9-5 will follow the norm…timing chain and Mitsubishi TD04 turbo at 200,000 miles plus. My only worry is the transmission. They seem reliable, especially the 08-09, but you never know. A transmission rebuild would send me to another vehicle.

    Robert Leivonen

    Did they sell Saab 900 Classic 5 door in the USA.


    What do you think of a 1994 Toyota Celica with 467,000 miles? Is it reliable? It's silver if that helps.

    Anders Sandahl

    The mike!

    Eloy Carrillo

    Here in the pacific Nw they cost a lot. I got mine cheap since the lady wanted to get rid of it. Clean inside and out low miles. 2007 9-3 aero sportscombi


    It's always the 04-05 9-5 that get the love! No one really likes the 06-09 but I heard they're actually better all around cars. Can't confirm though…

    graham day


    Saab Tech

    I'm thinking that right now, with Saab, you can get more quality car, more bang for your buck, than perhaps with any other car in history. My very nice '01 9-3 SE Convertible, high output turbo, with a Stage 2 tune, sold new for $44,000. (2001 $'s) Now I might be able to get $3,000 for it? Maybe. It's crazy. Piece of junk worn out Ford Focus's might go for that. People are scared and uninformed. Scotty Kilmer just bashed Saab again (3rd time at least) near the end of another video. Sadly, many take that to heart. If I had the $ and space, I'd be buying nice OG 900's, 9000 Aeros, 9-5 Aeros, Viggens, etc. and starting a collection. The current bargains are stunning. Thanks guys for your passion for Saab, and putting it out there.

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Best movie of 2018, Upgrade or Spider-verse?

    Derrick Lewis

    I just took my Saab 9-5 on a 500+ mile trip with 0 issues. Handled great with superior passing power. Theyre not perfect cars but the driving experience is excellent. Though they may not be popular, SAABs are very well balanced, reliable cars. They're like that kid in the class that's pretty good at everything but not so good that they're outstanding. The best kept secret.

    Maxik Kesa

    Good to see you together. A surprise for me 🙂


    I have been looking at Europe Saab market for fun every week for the last 2 years. OG 900 spgs are either impossible to find or are very expensive as you mentioned. OG 9-3 aero/viggen coupes are very rare, cars with complete Hirsch performance tuning are unicorns too. On the streets there are even less saabs, and when I see an aero on the road i feel like i am dreaming 😀


    I definitely don't see my GM diesel 9-3 going up in value. It's more of a run it until it dies effort. Maybe the petrol ones and pre-GM.

    JaVaughn Beal

    Fewer people to repair . Harder to get rid of. No ones gonna want them unfortunately

    Brandon Dorsey

    I just bought a 2006 9-3 with the v-6 back in November. So far I love the car. I got it for $3,200 with tax and title with 104,000 miles.

    Saab Automobile

    Great to see so many people excited about Saab!

    Victor Disflux Grynfeld


    Bryan Swenson

    Fewer and fewer people will repair Saabs. As a result of the high cost of repairs in shops, people will be scraping them. $300 Saabs will be the future.

    Gozmit x

    Hello from Sweden, i myself have a 2000 saab 9-5 2.3L and it´s my first car

    Паша Akellah

    Hello from Russia!)


    Lol theirs a guy on saab of America who can’t fix his own Saab 😂 and is in to feet photography – nevertheless you should be a little bit mechanically inclined to work on Saab I saw a 9-3 2008 XWD $16k I think it’s a little too high

    Tomica Diecast Garage for kids

    Um hi I LOVE SAAB

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