Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Grinch Makes an INSANE PASS With The New Dog Box!

Main The Grinch Makes an INSANE PASS With The New Dog Box!

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    Bye going to metigoulus jaa


    Check how Romans crank angle sensor shielding is hooked up. Haltech don't like shielding grounded away from the ecu. The best way is to ground ONE end of the shielding as close to the ECU as you can get and then to an independant grounding point (not to the same place as other sensor grounds). Ideally you want no filtering on the crank sensor also. I'm not sure why but they are a bit fussy this way.

    Daniel Ellerton

    making such a big deal about the old bloke telling him to get it caged. Just do it and move on, guy's probably seen a shit tonne of wrecks and is just looking out. 1320's video they just posted had a nasty wreck at SCT. GTR got slammed into, not always about your car man if someone smacks into you while you're on a 9s pass without a cage you're fucked


    what a great track day video had such a 1320/last year feel to it. Can't wait to see the grinch, mr2 and the rx-7 out at the track on the same day


    Oh oh lambo killer 😜


    Awesome vid for real omg i jumped up scream n YES YES YES cheers n peace from cali YEE 👊

    That Honda Guy

    Roman. Check the pin connections at the ecu and the crank sensor. You might have a weak connection that’s causing the issue.

    tyler K

    Need more vids of the grinch

    Rocco Deller

    congrats roman

    Ben West

    how good is your shielding on the crank sensor? where are you draining it to?

    Onefast4Door 2000

    Nice congratulations Roman! You guys made me like Honda's! I hated them especially when the Fast and furious came out! Everyone with a stock honda would gut the car and put an intake and exhaust on it and still run 18s and the track! You guys are changing the times!

    Austin Reiland

    Tht looks like ur hood tht flew off off ur lude on tht blue prelude but with fixed exhaust hole lol


    lol i know when my cam sensor was bad i would blow out as soon as it hit boost so i had to shift every gear around 2500 or else my face would fly forward lmao, i guess crank sensors let you get away with a lil more?


    69: they really didn't go to Mexico…

    Jay Rodz

    Roman getting down tho but aye Kyle some one told me cars have ENGIENS NOT MOTORS is he rite

    Mr J’s Garage

    So glad that Kyle keep finding the right guys for his channel instead of those guys that work for a while and then make they "why I left boostedvoiz" stupid videos.

    Justin DeGraff

    So is Roman a official boosted boy he needs to stay with you guys


    She Bad!

    alec walsh

    Congrats Roman cant wait to see u go faster after tech an get a nut on that wheel lolol


    GZ Roman!!

    Rick 201

    Great pass Roman is cool 😎

    hauling butts

    That was a dude bro overload

    brandon wharton

    @phoenixTruckin looks like i was right huh?

    erik hondje

    maybe somthing whit the cranc sensor wiring or conection


    & it'll only last another couple passes. Suffering succotash thanks for another great video daffy

    Owen Stotts

    I'm so proud of roman , he has to stay around please Kyle 😂

    Ryan Hutchison

    Bro I feel like I just ran a 9.4!!! So cool guys!!!

    Thomas Weatherford

    Congratulations guy!

    Trillie Don


    Chronic Kush

    Love Roman's car. Makes me love my EJ even more than I already do.

    James Mills

    So need a go fund me for hondaru! Set it up now!

    Chronic Kush

    Just picked up the Milwaukee 2767-20 high torque impact the other day on sale at Home Depot.. Can't wait to try it out. I've heard nothing but good things.

    matt anderson

    red hatch needs AWD

    Nick Noltie

    Does Roman take adderall? Asking for a friend…

    Bryan Roupe

    He said he would be happy with a 5.8 for starter's in the mr2 🤣

    Fredrick Onfri


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