Saturday, March 25, 2023

The GTR gets a Carbon Fiber Wing and Some New Wheels!

Main The GTR gets a Carbon Fiber Wing and Some New Wheels!

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    In today’s episode we are installing a carbon fiber wing, and some new wheels, and a door! Finally! Huge thanks to Konig Wheels for hooking us up, check them …

    macky miranda

    Awesome job!


    I think it’s looking great!!

    Erny temver

    I have been subbed for awhile

    Henrique Cintra

    I really want to see this car going into the street!

    silhouette Ghost

    gorgeous build 🙂

    Patrick Bivins



    looks like a wing from the autozone accessory isle.

    Thomas Oosthuizen

    The Tevo Tornado is an amazing 3D printer

    Akeva Clarke

    Great show, one of my favorites! GTR is really coming along!


    This is such a botch job, Nissan would be mortified if they saw your videos

    Mark Parker

    No more beers in the shop.😇

    Brian Glassburn

    Love both sets of wheels for the seasons. Personal preference; having a wing is nice but I think it's to big in height and to far forward. Love everything else. You've inspired me to build my own frame for my truck from watching the 240Z build!

    Andy Morrison


    King Marlon

    Your such a good builder! Thank you for being a great influence builder👍🏼

    Mike Steeves

    Dude that lip is on upside down. The little round cutout is for the Nissan logo that used to be there

    Boomer IsMyNaMe

    The wing you installed was designed to hang further off the back of the car. I I know it's in the end all down to preference but as far as looks go, it looks like you bolted it up 4"-5" inches to far forward. It's coming together awesome tho man and please when its done PLZ!!!!!!! Post an in car video of a rip up and down the streets. It's a must have for every function over form car guy/girl that watches.


    Did that wing come off a Ski Lift chair?

    Scariestash 8216

    I love the ones that were with the car in the wreck hopefully that gets re made soon

    Scariestash 8216

    but the carbon fiber trunk lid accent really complements the big Wang so win win situation.

    Scariestash 8216

    the wing is too far forward………

    Dominik Jesenič

    That rear wing is just a total fail, the purpose of swan neck is to get it mounted to the back as far as possible, not to the middle of trunk, what the heck..also it actually DOES look like an ebay wing with those mounts so close to each have a GTR and cheap out on a wing and front splitter? Good job..


    how about roll cage?

    Billy Bagley

    Love the build series!


    Just want to say that if you paint over that beautiful finish on those 3 piece wheels .. I will unsub

    butteredblaa Eire

    Mmmm on the fence

    T ReallzSS

    Man you one dope dude on this build . Inspired me to build one ,one of these days !,,, 🔥🔥🔥🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Rage Racer

    Test Test

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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