Friday, March 24, 2023

The GTR gets New Titanium Exhaust that Shoots Flames!

Main The GTR gets New Titanium Exhaust that Shoots Flames!

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    Alex Olson

    I don't mean this in a derogatory way at all, but why did you paint the car before all the other work is done? Could scratch the fresh paint while working on it!


    In today’s episode we are reinstalling the rear bumper and some new titanium exhaust. We even get some nice fire balls 🙂 ❱ Shop – …

    Huub Scholten

    I work at an Nissan garage in the Nederlands and we always got problems with the 02 sensors people always put the sensors in diffrent spots or install aftermarket parts in there, and they always come back to us asking whats wrong with the car😂

    ashwath Ash

    Why is the bumper sticking out near the tyre section?

    Ari Mättö

    Building supercars(AND datsuns) left and right AND still no lift in the shop, that is some dedication.

    Z33 Garage

    B is fo Build taught me that we all need to make sure that things land in the right hole.

    Excursions Unlimited

    Your channel is so great and has inspired me to finally get my channel going after all these years, so hopefully ill get my first video up soon!! I can't wait to see this build done and what's to come!!!

    Iosub Iulian

    Good content, No clickbait, I love the GTR, B is for Best Channel! Keep going!

    Howard Maguire

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    Loved it.

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    c4 pro

    Hahaha I could tell you were happy az hell hahaha dope 👌

    Muuu Fredii

    Aluminum weights 2.7 kg per dm3, Titanium about 4.5 kg per dm3. They use less smaller walls for the pipes with Titanium.
    If you want aluminum Exhaust with the same strength you need to increase the thickness of the pipe by a lot or use some expensive special aluminum alloy.
    Thats why titanium bikes-frames can be lighter than aluminum.

    Sebastian Schoř

    9:09 install shroud?😂

    stormed data

    i tought the thumbnail was clickbait, it was NOT clickbait

    Ray_ 23TRD

    Awesome progress man. Keep it up and thanks for sharing 🤙

    Ken Gendron

    Almost a million! Keep going!!!

    Collin Christensen

    "budget build"…….buys titanium exhaust lol

    Jack Pistone

    fantastic work


    Wow I'm well impressed what you have done at home in your garage!!!

    Kim W

    Chris be like: OEM? wtf is OEM? LOVE this guy. Jup … nice

    Mark Csencsits

    Ha B is for Beanie

    Mark Riddell

    B is for Beanie.


    The GT-R has this many horsepower


    Jorge Urdaneta

    jump to 14:05

    Tristan Soerries

    This GTR is my favorite!!!

    Zilvinas D

    I'm sure you know that you need to tune it first before WOT with these downpipes….


    You stay bringing up that its a "budget" build. Lmfao its not. I dont think you understand what having a budget is


    Awesome !

    Eugene Cornell

    The build is almost done. Congratulations, happy for you.


    Extend your tips before you burn your bumper.

    Magic Elrobertos

    Godzilla Resurrection !!! Just love this epic engine sound ;D Thumbs Up Guys !!!

    Alfie Motloung


    Bradford Lyman

    Just curious but how much out of pocket have you invested in this build. I love the progress and love the content of the channel. GTR is a dream car for me (like so many others) but they're so damn expensive. Just wondering "ballpark" if I go this route what to expect. Peace!!


    shouldn't you put some exhaust paste between two pipes when using clamps/slip joints to guarantee proper seal especially if they are of two different metals (to also prevent galvanic corrosion)? Or is that idea outlived in modern cars/exhaust systems. Genuine question, not a criticism

    Pocka D

    This needs to be faster than tavaris' tangerine

    Chris Henrico

    Been a long time coming.. almost at the end. been loving this series!

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