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    I remember when u guys were broke bois and now look at this!😁 good job manπŸ‘


    Bean bag room!!


    I need that 6-8 sz slides wtf

    Kings Must Rise

    YOU GUYS DONE DID IT! This place is cray cray.

    Gerard Bennett

    Fucking inspiration bro deadass! Congrats from the east coast bro πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽

    Ghostzed0831 Butler

    Congratulations Illiminate on the wharehouse. That's what's up.

    Jaiden James Versola

    Randy I just wanna say that you have come a long way to get this warehouse and today is the day and let more of your dreams come true.

    Ray Ramos

    I have proposition for the office and it’s really inexpensive as well……. CASTING COUCH OR FAKETAXI layout 😁😁

    Lowrenzo SC

    Tokyo Drift type warehouse ? Whos down


    But why are you guys drinking Heineken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©

    Daniel Alfaro

    Randy: You guys know what time it is

    Me: Hell yea, its modelo tim…….

    Randy: Its time to reveal the Illiminate warehouse

    Me: pauses the video bitch…… don't play with me like that

    Randy: And… its modelo time

    Me: Yes, yes it is smh

    Yooo Congrats on the Warehouse tho, yall have come a long way, and i can see yall going even farther <3 <3

    Koi McGregor

    Hire me to your warehouse ! Help me up guys . So randy can see this.

    Malin Peov

    Where franzis at tho?

    CarTop Space83

    Bro I recommend heading to ikea getting so 70incn desk couple couches chairs and all that they got shelves too and Alex draws, tellin u head there it’ll make the place look much better then it currently is

    Stockton Fixie Goons 209

    Were is Christian and Luke lol oh yea in the back doing… nvm


    18:34 thats a lot of JDM in one place

    L 8 R z B O L T

    Congrats to your new Warehouse bro.

    Bryan Hernandez

    2:26 πŸ’€

    Gang Wolf

    Send me the measurements of your office. @iam_gangwolf on IG I'll send you some fire idea's

    Papi Keneth

    Huge wall= huge penis on the wallll

    Rip ‘Em

    TIME TO PUT A LIFT IN THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gang Wolf

    I stopped the video when you started showing off the Warehouse fuck yeah man I'll never forget when you'd try to work on the s2k and the neighbors would bitch omg. Imma watch the old video's again you guys rock!!!

    John One

    @0:35 Kevin Jude patiently wait for the D πŸ†

    Manuel Ramirez

    Black leather couch, desk and a camera for the office πŸ˜‚

    Marcius Baybay

    I wish Christian was there… all love illiminate

    Troy Hunt

    Congrats on the new warehouse Randy 🀘🏻 been supporting you since the very beginning and buying merch from illminate πŸ’―πŸ€˜πŸ»

    Weedman Smoker

    Man just when you think the content couldnt get any better.. illiminate warehouse… woooooohoo


    Congratulations on the warehouse love this channel

    Wesley Petrick

    Thomas is my spirit animal

    Creamy Carl

    Bois you’ve come a long as way, remember when you were in that bum ass tiny apartment and now this ffs so proud of you bois❀️

    Gang Wolf

    I been with you since the small apartment. I'm so fucking happy for you guy's keep killing the game. I hope I get to meet you when I come too the west coast




    Well deserved! Congratulations to each of you.

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