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The Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Is a $200,000 Super Sedan

Main The Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Is a $200,000 Super Sedan

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    THANKS TO JAGUAR SAN DIEGO! The Jaguar XE SV Project 8 is one of the most insane modern sedans. Today I’m …

    Carlos I Sanchez

    Doug the type of guy who sits down while he pees.

    Anthony Fulton

    "Jaguar San Diego, the Jaguar dealership here in San Diego"


    Well hopes that they can sell all the 300 cars they made. A guy name Scotty told me to run away from Jaguar.


    Could he be any more dramatic during that drive? Wtf



    Jacq Blacc

    PLEASE REVIEW THE 2020 Maybach Suv Gl600

    James Foye

    Who else was weak at Doug having an orgasm😂

    Richard Buikema

    It’s a good looking car, apart from the vinyl stickers. I like the design.

    channel surfer

    All that and it has that crap Meridian sound system …maybe the one in there sounds better than the crap F Pace one I drove a while ago…


    Such a sexy car. If i ever win the lottery Jaguar will be the real winner.

    Christopher Vega

    Would rather buy a slightly used lambo for that priced


    the look "am i going to jail" – priceless!


    Harry would be proud


    Doug is the type of guy to give his mom a Doug Score after ever meal

    Steven Johnson

    Someone rich please buy me one

    Joe Morgan

    Real gay jag on the side must be in early 20s shit is atrocious



    Mark Bassett

    Lots of comparisons to the Hellcat but not fair. Any noodle can stick HP into an engine bay. It’s making that HP turn, stop, move. It’s balance. So kudos to jag for making a 600HP car not a 600HP straight line death trap.

    Fore eroF

    (((( 22:17 Pretty sure these dude came in his pants ))))


    I wonder what DougScore Tesla's Cybertruck will get.

    Alex Wolf

    Funniest face he has ever made 22:13

    RDSyafriyar2000 // Rama Dani Syafriyar

    This Jaaaaaaaag is an absolutely mad unicorn..or shall I say a "unikitty"?

    Not about that unicorn-cat animal made out of Lego though. [cue some monkey sounds if you're in for an old running gag]

    But, just how rare this super-saloon is with only 300 units, how brutal it sounds, and how bonkers it is makes this Jag an automotive unicorn and an attack kitty altogether.


    Delete the spoiler all vinyl and hood decal too ricey

    Musicorporation MC

    i love your reaction when you accelerate


    Spend $200k, don't even get a strut tower brace.

    Michael Nguyen

    Hey Doug, where did you get this car modified?


    Take a shot every time he says “project 8”

    Declan O’Cuidighthigh

    That decal is deadass retarded my dude

    Cameron Rogers

    You should review the Ford probe gt

    Md Barkat Ullah

    Now this is what I call a European muscle car.

    Shawn Gunnison

    Decals and front bumper look retarded.


    Jaguar is owned by Indians tho


    this piece of shyt for 200k what a joke 🤣🤣

    Joe Meatball

    The Chi-Com's are not known for good taste…..


    Why he never reviewed a 60s or 50s car???
    I need to know


    Damn, if expressions are any indicator this is the best accelerating car Doug's ever reviewed!


    That decal is fucking embarrassing.

    Anubis Smite

    At $200,000 it makes it one of the stupidest Jaguars ever. And being a Jaguar it most likely breaks down faster then any other car also. One other thing, did Jaguar employ a 17 year old kid to come up with the stupid adolescent stickers and the ricer wing on the trunk? I would expect to see this car at a grocery store parking lot at 12:30 am parked next to a bunch of older Honda cars with stickers and wings on them also. I’m an adult so I wouldn’t be interested in this ridiculous adolescent car because it doesn’t matter if a 17 year old does this to a car or Jaguar does this to a car, I wouldn’t be seen in a car so clearly retarded ! This car is not for a mature intelligent adult ! I wouldn’t drive this factory ricer if it cost $20,000

    The Stigmeister

    Had Doug watched Harry describe the actual facts of the car, this would have been a much more informative episode I imagine.
    (Why is it expensive, and all the interesting bits = explained)

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