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The Lincoln Town Car Was the Last True American Luxury Sedan

Main The Lincoln Town Car Was the Last True American Luxury Sedan

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    Doug DeMuro
    verne davis

    Putta 3litre turbo diesel in it & ya got something

    verne davis

    Lincoln, or anyone, for that matter can make a 2ton tank w/ front wheel drive & 30mpg, here, now


    why would anyone buy that? adsense getting low?

    verne davis

    Dad hadda '30, he liked the '41, I like the '79 w/ a custom motor

    M&N Distribution

    No one wants a signed photo, we want a shirt that says “Thissssssssssss”

    verne davis

    u r trippin'…pic any advanced age & they will come w/ a differing era Lincoln


    His merch is way too overpriced.

    The Transporter

    I uses this car to replace the "emperor" in GTA San Andreas. It feels so serene to drive.

    Davit Kvantaliani

    The amount of "old schools" is just disturbing

    Dan Anderson

    Doug, the type of guy to sell pics of Hoovie for $70

    Mast Qalandar

    Show some respect Doug…"old people". You think you'll never get old?

    Kamil Skalny

    How many bodies goes to the trunk?

    ome dome

    skip the extra cheese to 2:16 for review of Matlock car

    Calvin Wilks

    I want one.

    A land yacht, not a photo.

    omar saeed

    Can we get an “old school luxury” counter

    Nick Crill

    What about the 2005 Cadillac deville or Cadillac DTS? Both large American boat cars!!!!! Do a video on both of those

    Nathan Johnson

    Towncar was great for eating miles. I almost bought a final year with long wheelbase. We got a Mustang instead. Mustang would probably fit in Towncar trunk.

    Robert Blackford

    The Police Interceptor Crown Vic did not have a comfortable back seat.


    Doug, it is mandatory to turn off the air suspension any time the car is lifted. Otherwise you damage the air bags.


    My 2000 Nissan Altima GLE has a cornering light. Lol. I was like "WTF?" at first.

    Benjamin Paul

    What a disgusting interior


    Doug doesn’t quite understand the concept and purpose of use for youtuber merch. Fans can’t demonstrate to the public or their acquaintances a signed photo to rep their support/interest in the channel. Signed stickers would have been a less terrible idea.

    Ali Mahboob

    Don't you worry Doug, people always oppose new ideas and then they just flock to get a piece of it.

    Kaiden Obrien11

    0:11 the Tesla is a Canadian car

    Fredrik G

    Ive owned a number of these both as limos and sedans (ultimate l). Great cars, very relaxing to drive and very robust.

    Ive read the panther platform is still made in china though… haha


    2005 and still looks better and more luxurious then any of the modern eu copy/paste cars they nowadays produce and sell as "luxury sedans".
    No offence to the usa, but jumping on the eu train, in case of car design, was really not the finest move. All they ended up with is loosing their own identity and blend in with the generic mush that is nowadays produced in eu, asia and who knows where else.
    But then again, maybe its the customers fault for having decreased interested in luxury sedans and demand the plastic generic sport sedans everyone else builds but from a brand of their own country. Maybe the media is also to blame, for comparing american luxury sedans with european sport sedans on a race track complaining about how worse the luxury sedan does. Cause apparently anything has to be sporty nowadays, even so it makes little sense in a way that barely anyone takes his luxury sport sedan on a race track on a regular base if at all. But then again, there are the kinda people that go grocery shopping in a lamborghini so i guess sense is no requirement.
    The car world surely lost out as a whole on the day the last true luxury sedan rolled out of the manufacturing plant.

    StevenEdward Films

    $35, $50???? WTF what I'm going to do with a picture??


    Ford must bring the Panther platform back.

    Issam Al Accad

    Doug said old school luxury car about 146 times throughout the video lol

    javier Capilla

    50 bucks holy shi 💀


    I love everyone sitting here shitting on Doug for "over-priced autographs that no one wanted in the first place" like that's not the entire point.


    So so cool car! It soaking it's american styling!

    Error Creator

    Ayyy my 00 Mustang has that keyfob too…

    Issam Al Accad

    Doug is the type of guy that would charge $35-$50 for a signed photo.

    Josh Alexander

    Doug .. the one man show.


    Just put out t-shirts with toothpaste tubes on them, the real fans will understand and buy them

    Mad Dog Vachon

    These are still great cars to buy used

    Abdul Wasay

    I'd pay 50$ for a hoodie with that green silhouette of the Green land Rover

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