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The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Sedan

Main The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Sedan

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    Gavin Regan

    Man, you. Can go on and on, between that annoying laugh!


    I don’t like Mercedes, but man, this interior

    BlackGameplay DK

    3.4 miles per galon holy Jesus

    Fahad Qureshi

    Traction control on/off interactive button shows off regardless of what mode its in. Weird

    Honey Dubey

    So it is a sedan or a hatchback? The hatchback kills the whole look of the car 👎🏼

    Kod Adı Berke

    Mercedes: Here is our new 4door sedan supercar



    First time I'm seeing it and I don't like it but I know I'll slowly start liking it and the funny thing is the interior looks like someone put racing seats I'm a fully loaded S class 😂

    P Moe

    Why does it say GT 3

    BT Southside Thornton

    I’d still prefer the AMG wagon. My opinion looks better….

    Deon Howard

    Back of the light kinda look like a Porsche

    Ahmad Sammak

    nice drone shots 🙂


    I really dislike the non dash-molded screens in cars theme. We need to go back to the screens IN the dash, not ON the dash.

    Miki M.

    For me side of this car looks like BMW mixed with Porsche Panamera (front from bmw, rear from porsche)

    Tyler Ames

    In all honesty, I havent been a fan of the new cars Mercedes has been putting out in the last 5-10 years. For some reason, I just never caught on with the design on most of their cars and I couldn't figure out why they were just so freaking special. Like I was thinking, this is just another European rival to BMW, Porsche, etc. After watching this video, this car is a huge exception to that. I feel it's one of the best vehicles Mercedes has put out in the past half decade, good for them. And good video Doug!

    SaveMe Jeebus

    New car designer 1: "what technology can we introduce, not critical to driving, that can fail and be expensive to fix?"
    New car designer 2: "led lights on the inside of the air vents?"
    New car designer 1: "that's a start, but what about flavoured air?"


    I'm big fan of AMG but I love SUVs. I wish one day Mercedes will build something similar to range rover but have AMG power <3

    Medik Mo

    You should Review the Mitsubishi Starion, a rare 80s Coupe !


    The styling doesn’t work with this car. Audi does a much better job with their A5 and A7 with that side window line.

    chris sterling

    Great now whenever you get into a fatal accident while speeding you can kill not just 2 people but 5 @_@

    vik Boss

    Bmw forever!!! Fucking hate that tablet 🤦‍♂️

    Влад Вулкан

    Mercedes-Benz: workout while driving

    Aleksi Soukkala

    that blank button is for openig exhaust valve that is in european cars

    Jam H

    Whilst wireless charging, why was dougs iPhone flashing purple?

    Влад Вулкан

    Sedan? Coupe-hatchback thing? Doug, it is called a fastback correctly.


    Boeing was nickel and dimeing their it's costomers on a 129.9 million dollar jet too. Even oxygen mask for the pilots is an option. These companies kills me. SMH

    Matthew Hynds

    Yeah… you could park your car somewhere and activate the driver seat workout via the infotainment system……. or you could just get out and go for a walk?

    Kurt Koleszar

    Does it have a cd player?

    Hans van Lierop

    Next track must be an USA thing. My 2000 320CDI and my 2002 270CDI has it on the steering wheel!!


    Can you reveiw the chrysler 300?

    Nawid Azizi

    Just call it Amg gt 63s

    gnot tud

    rs7 is better

    Deepak Kishan

    So many redundant buttons


    doug pls do the bmw z4 roadster mk1, the mclaren p1 and the ford thunderbird 2002 model

    Ben Gosling

    Id call it a fastback or liftback.

    Ben Gosling

    Way too much plastic under the bonnet for 200k USD, should of been carbon fibre. Good looking and probably drives good but MB have way too many models/variations for my liking, they should cut back and concentrate on the core models they make imo.

    Lewis Powers

    Mercedes-Benz drivers need the fragrance so they can believe their farts smell like flowers


    Its the better looking CLS…

    Those button screens are pretty cool, even if everything they display gets displayed in the center screen again…

    The displayed car has an MSRP of 200k, here in germany you can already configure the versions with less power and without "AMG" everywhere. So there will be less expensive versions which will also compete with the MB CLS which doesnt look as good in my opinion.


    Nm again, no way! Doug realized that ppl outside NA watch him too. Better late than never.

    Lewis Powers

    All the button redundancy seems on the satirical side, especially given the blanks.

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